Friday, June 14, 2013

Corman and YouTube/Forte and Squibb and Nebraska/SPC Bosses Honored

Good Friday everyone.  The CEO and I are on the road today to Little Rock, AR. and then onto Birmingham AL. for the National Speech Tournament.  It should be a week of forensic fun!


One of the great thrills of TFF #39 was the opportunity to meet and pass a few words with film making legend Roger Corman.  Corman may single-handedly be responsible, indirectly, for a huge chunk of the best American cinema of the last half century.

Always a visionary in terms of making films make money, Corman is delving into his considerable backlog of film to start a YouTube channel that will feature that material.  Need to see the original "Little Shop of Horrors"?  This could be your answer.

The full story is here from The Los Angeles Times:,0,7726944.story


You probably should get used to this.  Will Forte and June Squibb in a post from HitFix/YouTube talking about Alexander Payne's "Nebraska".  Stuff like this is likely to be appearing on this blog a good deal over the next  10 weeks or so as "Nebraska" is almost certainly going to be on the SHOW's 40th playlist.  (it may actually be the #1 "Bet" when my first "ten Bets" list goes up in a couple of weeks).  Here's the link:


I reported on Tuesday that Sony Pictures Classics chiefs Tom Bernard and Michale Barker were to be the initial recipients of The Museum of the Moving Image's Envision Award for being "transformational leaders in film".  SPC is usually well represented at the Telluride Film Festival.

Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood filed this report of the evening' activities:

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