Monday, June 17, 2013

Pics from Inherent Vice/Annecy Ends/Salinger Trailer

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Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice" starring Joaquin Phoenix continues to film in and around Los Angeles.  PTA fan site Cigarettes and Redvines posted a slew of on-set photos in the last couple of days featuring Phoenix and Martin Short.

You can see all of them at this link:


Probably the world's most important animated film festival has come to a conclusion in France.  The Annecy Animation festival was a contributor to last year's Telluride fest.  "Rio 2096" won the top prize, the Crystal Award.  Other award winners and a complete wrap-up of the festival, check out this from Variety:


I had been thinking that the upcoming documentary on J.D. Salinger had a shot to be a Telluride film...but I have discovered that the release date is now set for Sept. 6...the weekend after TFF concludes.  That doesn't make it impossible and I can actually see a scenario wherein The Weinstein Company might think the immediate opening after a Telluride weekend might make a lot of sense.  So, don't rule it out completely.

All that to get to has a trailer...

Here are a couple of posts that accompanied the release of the trailer this week:

From Movie City News:

And from The Playlist:

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