Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday TBAs and Sneak

TBAs, Sunday, September 1


• The Wind Rises     CJC/Sun 9p

Reflecting his deep fascination with aviation, the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki's beautifully animated exploration of the early life of aeronautical engineer Jiro Horikoshi. Miyazaki keeps the fanciful elements to a relative minimum, while featuring imaginative, exquisite dream sequences and a stunning recreation of the devastating Kantō earthquake of 1923. This fictionalized biopic—with a liberal dose of Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain as subtext—dramatically details the pacifistic (and overtly romantic) tendencies behind the chief designer of the A6M Zero, one of the most effective warplanes in history. –Jonathan Marlow (Japan, 2013, 126m) Introduced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall

• 9  Nebraska   Palm/Sun 11:15a

• Sneak Prisoners    Galaxy/Sun 1p

• 38   Don DeLillo: Zapruder Film plus panel with Mark Danner and Errol Morris  SOH/Sun 1p

• Sneak   12 Years a Slave  Palm/Sun 2:15p

• 33 Gloria  Le Pierre/Sun 4p

• 15 Tim’s Vermeer  Nugget/Sun 4:45p

• 25 The Lunchbox   CJC/Sun 6:30p

• 35 Before the Winter Chill SOH/Sun 6:45p

• 23 Slow Food Story  Nugget/Sun 7:15p

• 6  Inside Llewyn Davis  Palm/Sun 8:45p

• 16  The Past  Masons/Sun 9:15p

• E   Jodorowsky’s Dune  Backlot/Sun 9:15p

• 28  Palo Alto  SOH/Sun 9:30p

• 36  Ida  Le Pierre/Sun 9:30p

• 22  Under the Skin Nugget/Sun 9:45p

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