Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Brief Post from The Real World

Good Tuesday...


I'm back to the real world in the Panhandle of Oklahoma.  Back in the classroom in a matter of minutes.  SO this morning's post is brief.  Larger post coming tomorrow.

Thanks to Mitzi, Larry, Katie and Retta Mallard who make the whole thing possible every year.  Thanks also to The River Club and the staff who make us feel that Telluride is home.

Thanks to Julie Huntsinger, Muffy Delaurier, Erica Gioga and Shannon Mitchell of the Fest who treat me and my wife with respect and kindness each and every time we interact with them.

Also a massive thank you to the members of the press that I finally got to meet on this trip: Alex Billington, Greg Ellwood, Tomris Laffly and Scott Foundas.

A special extra thanks to Sasha Stone, Kris Tapley and Scott Feinberg who I got to know much more at this particular Festival.  I'm glad I got to spend some actual time just conversing and getting to know them a bit more personally.

Also, a big shout out to the festival guests who were almost uniformly gracious and kind.  As always, I can't believe that I get to be a part of that world each year.

And, of course, a huge thank you to those of you that continue to read this blog each year.  You're the reason!


Now that the fest is over...rate your film choices on a 0-5 scale and send those to me for "The People's Telluride".  I'll publish that next week.

I'll also have the "Professional's Telluride" next week.  Some of those ratings are coming in already.


Here are my top five films for TFF #40:

1) "12 Years a Slave"
2) "Nebraska"
3) "Inside Llewyn Davis"
4) "All is Lost"
5)  "Tim's Vermeer"

More tomorrow...


Liz McCusker said...

1. Nebraska
2. 12 Years a Slave
3. Prisoners
4. All is Lost
5. The Past
Did NOT like Gravity.

Anonymous said...

1. Nebraska
2. All is Lost
3. Palo Alto
4. Tim's Vermeer
5. Tracks

Heidi Gray