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Turning the Page in Full/Tickets for Sale/Yearbook Photos

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Oscar #86  is in the rearview mirror and The FAC is retired for a half a year.  This goes back to being what it always has been MTFB focused on the potential films for the upcoming Telluride Film Festival.  This year will be its 41st iteration and the ninth for me and the Mrs.

If you've been reading along since the first of the year, you have already seen a couple of posts that have assessed various "Films to Look Forward to in 2014" or some variation of that title.  I'll be re-visiting those soon but we're in post Oscar territory and that means the focus for a few posts will be on those outlets that have already begun to try to read the tea leaves for Oscar #87...starting with this from Glenn Whip and The Los Angeles Times:,0,4523470.story#axzz2uvTMj7cA

The story focuses on Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken" but also mentions a number of other films that could come into Oscar play including Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher" which is on my Telluride watch list...again.

There will be more of these kinds of articles in the next few weeks...and trust me, I'll parse them within an inch of their lives.


Kristopher Tapley at HitFix/InContention posted on Tuesday an article entitled "On Telluride's New Found Place in the Season, and a Modest Glimpse Ahead."

Tapley talks about T-ride's growing effect on Oscar, the "Toronto Ultimatum" and some films that he thinks might end up in Telluride's venues on Labor Day weekend.

It's here:

Tapley writes in the article, "I can only imagine that a year after the fest's 40th anniversary drove record sales and attendance, it will be even more on fire after its impact, perceived or otherwise, on this season. I also imagine a number of studios and filmmakers will be desperate for a big reveal on that stage."

Among the films that he suggests might be Telluride possible: The latest Noah Baumbach/Greta Gerwig collaboration, "Foxcatcher", "Birdman" and "Mr. Turner".  All of which you will have seen on posts already centered on TFF #41 possibilities in this space.

There is another film mentioned, but I hesitate to list it here.  Let's just say tat the title has the word "Vice" in it.

Check the whole post.


I got this email on Monday:

Dear Michael:
Join us for the 41st Telluride Film Festival this Labor Day Weekend Friday, August 29 through Monday, September 1st, 2014.
Our online Box Office opens Friday, March 7th, 2014 at 9AM PST. You will need a headshot for your pass at the time of purchase, but uploading photos is easier than ever with our redesigned order form. Take the time now to scan that special shot, or better yet take a selfie with your camera phone. Any picture that is a close-up of your face will do.
If online forms give you heart palpitations, use our downloadable form to complete your order. Available on our website, simply download the form, fill it out by hand and then mail your check and order form to Festival Headquarters. We'll still need those gorgeous photos.
If you have any questions on the best way to order your pass, or other general inquiries regarding the Festival, give us a call at 510.665.9494.
We are deeply grateful for your generosity and continuous support. Thank you, and see you at the SHOW!
So, it's on again for another year as tickets will go on sale tomorrow.  You might want to strike early as Tapley says in the article linked above, with the success of TFF #40, you can expect #41 to be a hot ticket.


In an occurrence of nearly cosmic significance, I received my TFF #40 Yearbook Monday, the day after the Oscars.  Cool huh?

As always, it sparked a million memories of the five day dream that was last years festival...and, for the first time, yours truly makes it into a picture in the yearbook...barely.

You might remember me posting this shot not too long ago.  It is primarily of novelists and past Telluride guest directors Michael Ondaatje and Salman Rushdie.  I'm the guy in blue standing in the background.

It's in the yearbook.  On a page with Don Delillo and Geoff Dyer.  It's a literary page.

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