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Cannes Catches "Foxcatcher"/"Coming Home" Could Still Come Home/Galapagos Web View

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Steve Carell as John duPont in Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher"

After several weeks of Cannes speculation (and three more to come until the April 17th official announcement) Guy Lodge of HitFix reports that Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher" has been "independently verified" for a slot in one of the Cannes programs.  Lodge suggests a competition slot is likely for the based on true events film that was originally set for release last year but was subsequently pulled.

A Cannes premiere would add to the case for "Foxcatcher" becoming a Telluride programming choice. Miller's previous Telluride screening of his Oscar nominated "Capote" (with Best Actor win for the late Philip Seymour Hoffman) adds to the case as well.  Also indicating a possible Telluride play is the film's distributor Sony Pictures Classics.

Should it receive a favorable critical response and SPC set an appropriate release date, as is expected then the biggest hurdle to a Telluride play would likely be the "Toronto Ultimatum" from a couple of months ago that suggests that films are going to have to make a choice between Telluride and a prime spot at Toronto.  Miller's "Capote" and "Moneyball" both played Toronto.

The complete HitFix post is here:


Zhang Yimou in NYC this past weekend (via Variety)

I reported last week that Thompson on Hollywood had reported that Zhang Yimou's "Coming Home" (hotly anticipated as a Cannes selection) was going to screen this past weekend in NYC as a part of a dialogue with Yimou and Ang Lee.  As a result, I said, that screening could diminish the chances that the film became a choice for Telluride.

Happily, an alert MTFB reader commented that the said screening was not happening.  I published that comment but also thought I'd highlight it here as it certainly allows me to put the Yimou film right back into the thick of T-ride speculation...and happy am I that it is.  Secretly I am hoping to see/meet Gong Li on Colorado Ave. or in line at The Chuck!

Here's the text of Dan's comment:

Dan said...
There is no screening of the ZY film tonight at NYU, Its a Q@A with Ang lee and Yimou. Although I think it was screened for Ang lee.

Further, reports of the evening back up Dan's claims.  Here are links to a couple of stories reporting on the Lee/Yimou .

From Variety:

The New York Times:

So, put "coming Home" back on the "Telluride possible" list and thanks to "Dan"!


"Galapagos" poster via IMDb

"The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden" didn't get a lot of buzz during last year's fest but people I ran into it had seen it during the fest were complimentary.  The film's distributor, Zeigeist Films, announced this week that a new website was going live in support of the film.  That website is here:

The film officially opens in the U.S. this week.

More on Thursday!

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