Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Special: More Oscar Final Predix/Another "Only in Telluride" Moment

Good Saturday Everyone.

Here's a quick special edition of The FAC with links to more final predictions from Oscarologists as we move into the final hours before the envelopes are unsealed.


Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon says "12 Years" wins Best Picture.  Take a look at all of his picks here:

IndieWire has compiled the choices of over 60 critics and bloggers to produce their version of The FAC/Gurus etc.  Here's a link to that:

Over at Gold Derby they've posted a story about the Best Picture race and a podcast featuring Tom O'Neil and Tariq Khan.   Those can be seen here:

And...late breaking...word is that Hollywood Reporter expert Scott Feinberg is about to change one of his major category predictions.  Feinberg's track record is pretty good so a switch from him at this late date should be taken very seriously.

Of course, I don't know how Scott defines "major category" but, seriously, what could it be?  Feinberg's picks for the Big Eight Categories as posted earlier this week were:

Adapted Screenplay: "12 Years"
Original Screenplay: "American Hustle"
Supporting Actress: Jennnifer Lawrence
Supporting Actor: Jared Leto
Actress: Cate Blanchett
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Director: Alfonso Cuaron
Picture: "12 Years a Slave"

So...pretty sure he won't be changing Leto, Blanchett, McConaughey or Cuaron.  I could see a change in either screenplay category, Best Supporting Actress and Best Picture...stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Feinberg changes Supporting Actress pick from Lawrence to Nyong'o:


I always have a lot of fun after each year's Telluride is over coming back home to the real world and having anecdotes to share about the films I saw and the people that were there.  Then I caught this last  night on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"...Kind of gave me goosebumps as I'm pretty sure I had to be nearby when the event that Ralph Fiennes describes occurred.  Sure, this kind of thing probably happens all the time in that world...but it's still rare in mine. The relevant segment starts at 1:08 into the clip. Take a look:

I hope Lupita wins tomorrow night...

More later including the Feinberg switch...

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