Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oscar Experts Update / Future Telluride? More Payne / Morris Off the Hook

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As Oscar Night continues to get closer, here's a snapshot of where a number of Oscar experts think the Best Picture race (and others) are right now.  I've linked a number of charts and podcasts from Gold Derby as well as the latest updated predictions form Kristopher Tapley of InContention at Variety.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announce their winners this weekend and that will be the next nugget of precursor information.


I have reported here previously that Telluride regular Alexander Payne was producing Wilson and that his next directing effort will be Downsizing with Matt Damon.  Both of those films could figure into future Telluride film lineups.  Noe comes word of another directing job that Payne will undertake for the same producers that were behind his Nebraska and Election.

The film is tentatively titled My Saga.  Reports are linked below:


A few weeks ago I posted a story that Errol Morris was being sued by the subject of his 2010 documentary Tabloid.  Word this week is that the suit has been dismissed.  Here are the details from The Hollywood Reporter:

That'll do for Thursday.  A new FAC Oscar update will be coming your way on Monday.

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