Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Euro Producers: The French-France 2 Cinema / The Unknown Girl Gets a New Trailer / Hidden Figures Revealed / And...Snowden Looks Like It's Out

Hello friends, it's Tuesday.

A quick reminder: Toronto announces their first wave of films one week from today and Venice will be right behind them two days later.  We'll get our first real hard data about what could be playing over Labor Day weekend...


Here are the films from France 2 Cinema that have played Telluride in recent years:

2006: Indigenes
2009: A Prophet, Coco Before Chanel
2010: The Princess of Montpensier
2011: The Kid with a Bike
2012: Rust and Bone
2013: Blue is the Warmest Color
2014: Two Days One Night,
2015: No film  

After no TFF #42 appearance, France 2's only real shot at a Telluride play in 2016 seems to be Paul Verhoeven's Elle which I have slowly warmed to as a real Telluride possibility.


Many sources reported the appearance of a new trailer yesterday for Telluride stalwarts The Dardenne Brothers' latest film The Unknown Girl.  Here it is from YouTube:

I have been including this film in my TFF #43 thinking for a long time simply because The Dardennes are such regulars of the Cannes to Telluride connection.   But...the critical response at Cannes made me step back a bit.  Ad today, the new trailer's drop was also tweeted out by the Toronto Fest.  I have to wonder if that is significant.

Odds are still in the favor of The Unknown Girl playing Telluride but it is not the slam dunk easy prediction that Two Days One Night was.

Here's further coverage of the trailer release:


And finally, after being teased by Variety/InContention's Kristopher Tapley early last week, we found out that Fox 2000 has dated the release of their new film, Hidden Figures, for late December.  Does that mean it's an awards player?  Does it's move into pre-2017 mean we should consider it for Telluride?  Probably not...but you never know.  Here's the news about Hidden Figures, a true story of African American women who made a huge contribution to the early U.S. space program.

Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Costner star. Here's the IMDb entry for the film:



I had been thinking the last week or so that Open Road might be planning to drop Oliver Stone's Snowden at TFF #43 especially after the announcement of its European Premiere at the San Sebastien Film Fest opening Sept.16.  The film also opens in the U.S. on that date.  BUT...we found out yesterday from The Hollywood Reporter that the film will be "secretly" screened at Comic Con which would seem to move it out of T-ride consideration due to Telluride's North American premiere policy.

Here's the story from THR:


That's it for this Tuesday.  Come back tomorrow for more on French producers and other tidbits...

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