Friday, July 8, 2016

Telluride Ten Bets #3 / Distribution Odds and Ends / A Sort of Trailer for How to Talk to Girls

Welcome to Friday!  Let's get right to it...


Last week's Ten Bets:

10) Things to Come (Hansen-Love, Sundance/IFC, TBA)
9) Lion (Davis, TWC, 11/25)
8) Moonlight (Jenkins, A24, 10/21)
7) Fire at Sea (Rosi, Kino Lorber, TBA)
6) The Red Turtle (Dudok de Wit, SPC, TBA)
5) The Unknown Girl (Dardennes, Sundance/IFC, TBA)
4) American Honey (Arnold, A24, 9/30)
3) Toni Erdmann (Ade, SPC, TBA)
2) Wilson (Johnson, Fox Searchlight, TBA)
1) The Salesman (Farhadi, Amazon/Cohen Media, TBA)

In the close category: American Pastoral, Loving, La La Land, A United Kingdom, Salt and Fire, Journey Through French Cinema, Aquarius, Birth of a Nation.

Now here's this week's latest iteration of ten films that I'm betting make the TFF #43 lineup.

10) La La Land (Chazelle, Lionsgate, 12/2)
9) Things to Come (Hansen-Love, Sundance/IFC, TBA)
8) The Unknown Girl (Dardenne Brothers, TBA)
7) The Red Turtle, Dudok de Wit, SPC, TBA)
6) American Honey (Arnold, A24, 9/30)
5) Fire at Sea (Rosi, Kino Lorber, Y+TBA)
4) Moonlight (Jenkins, A24, 10/21)
3) Wilson (Johnson, Fox Searchlight, TBA)
2) The Salesman (Farhadi, Amazon/Cohen Media, 12/9)
1) Toni Erdmann (Ade, SPC, TBA)

Close: Loving, Lion. American Pastoral, Salt and Fire, A United Kingdom, Aquarius, The Birth of a Nation, Journey Through French Cinema, A Monster Calls, 20th Century Women, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Paterson.


Taking a last stroll through some distribution houses with a limited Telluride profile over the past decade and what they might offer to the festival.

MAGNOLIA- Past T-ride: 2006-Severance, 2007-Terror's Advocate, A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, Redacted, 2012-The Hunt, A Royal Affair, 2015-Viva

Potential for 2016- Harry Benson;Shoot First 30%

SAMUEL GOLDWYN- Past T-ride: 2008-American Violet, 2011-Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel, The Island President

Potential for 2016- Finding Altamira and Spirit of the Game both 25%

OSCILLOSCOPE- Past T-ride: 2008-Kisses, 2011- We Need to Talk About Kevin

Potential for 2016- One Week and a Day.  Chances 30%

ADOPT FILMS- Past T-ride: 2012- Barbara, 2013- Bethlehem

Potential for 2016- Beyond the Mountains and the Hills Chances 40%

That's the 2016 look at distribution outlets.  Next Monday I'll start looking at overseas production companies and what that might tell us about Telluride #43.

Also, this reminder.  Toronto's first wave announcement is coming on July 26 and Venice's comes July 28.  That should give us some serious insight.


Elle Fanning photo via The Hollywood Reporter

No, it's not an actual trailer for the film that we're keeping on the Telluride radar because it's in the A24 wheelhouse.  What it is is a teaser for the graphic novelization of the original Neil Gaiman story. So, though it's not for the's kind of close.

Find the teaser embedded in this story from The Hollywood Reporter:

That'll do it for this Friday and this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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