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TFF #43 Ten Bets #4 / Euro Producers Part Two: The French-StudioCanal / The Rules Don't Apply for The Rules Don't Apply



We're a couple of weeks away from the dual announcements of the first wave of Toronto films and the majority of films that will play the Venice fest and both of those lists will begin to give us our first real opportunity to do some inductive reasoning and a good idea of some of the Telluride lineup. Until then, you're stuck with my best guesses.

Last week's Ten Bets:

10) La La Land (Chazelle, Lionsgate, 12/2)
9) Things to Come (Hansen-Love, Sundance/IFC, TBA)
8) The Unknown Girl (Dardenne Brothers, TBA)
7) The Red Turtle, Dudok de Wit, SPC, TBA)
6) American Honey (Arnold, A24, 9/30)
5) Fire at Sea (Rosi, Kino Lorber, Y+TBA)
4) Moonlight (Jenkins, A24, 10/21)
3) Wilson (Johnson, Fox Searchlight, TBA)
2) The Salesman (Farhadi, Amazon/Cohen Media, 12/9)
1) Toni Erdmann (Ade, SPC, TBA)

This week's Ten Bets:

10) The Unknown Girl (Dardennes, Sundance Selects, TBA)
9) Things to Come (Hansen-Love, Sundance Selects, TBA)
8)  Wilson (Johnson, Fox Searchlight, TBA)
7) La La Land (Chazelle, Lionsgate, 12/2)
6) American Honey (Arnold, A24, 9/30)
5) Moonlight (Jenkins, A24, 10/21)
4) The Red Turtle (Dudok de Wit, SPC, TBA)
3) Toni Erdmann (Ade, SPC, 12/25)
2) Fire at Sea (Rosi, Kino Lorber, TBA)
1) The Salesman (Farhadi, Amazon/Cohen, 12/9)

Close: Lion, American Pastoral, Salt and Fire, A United Kingdom, Aquarius, Journey Through French Cinema, A Monster Calls, 20th Century Women, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Paterson, Bleed for This, Arrival.


Over the past 13 years, these films have played Telluride while having some production assistance from StudioCanal:

2003: Young Adam, Love Me If You Dare
2005: Cache
2006: Indigines, Catch a Fire
2010: The Princess of Montpensier
2012: Love, Marilyn
2013: Inside Llewyn Davis
2015: He Named Me Malala

In the hopper:  The Lost City of Z, Gold, From the Land of the Moon.  We could see any, all or none of these.


Warren Beatty's new film...he says won't be in a fall film fest.  Warren Beatty is a trickster.  He's probably not spoofing us...but he might be.

And if he is?  

Honestly, the most likely spots would be AFI and New York.  Venice and then Toronto.  Telluride would be probably the last possibility...which makes it possible if Beatty is playing a game.  Do I think it's coming?  Nope.  But what if it did?

Anyway...the folks at 20th Century Fox released a trailer for the film early yesterday morning.  Here it is from YouTube:

It looks fairly humorous...

Coverage of the trailer drop is here:

That's all for this Friday.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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