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Ten (Plus) Bets #7 / Wilson, HHhH, War Machine and Silence Bid Adieu / Taxi Driver 40th Anniversary Poster

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Here's your weekly update of the films that appear to be the most likely to be on The SHOW's program when it's announced on Sept. 1.  First a re-cap from...

Last week's Ten (Plus) Bets:

13) Fire at Sea
12) Moonlight
11) The Red Turtle
10) Manchester by the Sea
9) Maudie
8) Frantz
7) Una
6) Neruda
5) Bleed for This
4) Arrival
3) Things to Come
2) La La Land
1) Toni Erdmann

Close: Aquarius, Dog Eat Dog, The Sense of an Ending, The Unknown Girl

This week's Ten (Plus) Bets #7

15) Defying the Nazis (Ken Burns PBS Doc)
14) High Summer (Animated short)
13) The Red Turtle
12) Manchester by the Sea
11) Moonlight
10) Fire at Sea
9) Maudie
8) Frantz
7) Una
6) Things to Come
5) Neruda
4) Bleed for This
3) Arrival
2) La La Land
1) Toni Erdmann

Close: Aquarius, Dog Eat Dog, I Daniel Blake, The Unknown Girl, The Sense of an Ending, Graduation, Sieranevada, The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez

Keeping an eye on: Gold, The Oppenheimer Strategies, The Circle, The Promise, Eternity, The Mercy


For a long time during the run up to TFF #43 I have thought that Craig Johnson's Wilson might well be a serious player for the fest. but news broke yesterday that Fox Searchlight has dated the film for Mar. 3, 2017.  So say goodbye to Wilson.  Truth be told, I had a hunch was on the ropes for about the last three weeks and that explains why it disappeared from the Ten Bets list.

Meanwhile, you may have seen over the last 48 hours some news regarding a major shakeup at The Weinstein Company with at least two major executives exiting the company.  In the news about one of those moves, we discovered that TWC will only be releasing three films this fall: Lion, The Founder, and Gold.  HHhH is nowhere mentioned in the Variety story which suggests that it's fate is up in the air.

It may well mean that TWC doesn't have a film at TFF for the first time since I've been attending (since 2006).  Lion's World Premiere status for Toronto means it's off the Telluride table.  The Founders musical chairs style release changes doesn't inspire confidence and Gold isn't dated for release until late December which makes me think it won't be ready for an audience during the first week in September.

Here's the Variety story:

Jeff Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere reports that he's been told that David Michod's War Machine is going to be pushed to 2017.  If true, especially for the rationale stated (so as not to conflict with Brad Pitt in another WWII film-Allied), then it's off the T-ride list as well.  Here's the Wells/HE story:

And finally, in depressing "not playing Telluride news" is the word from Martin Scorsese that Silence won't be ready for human consumption until October at the earliest.  I never really thought TFF would likely have the film, but this looks like a confirmation:

From ShowBiz411:


I offered up a suggestion on Tuesday that the T-ride powers that be contemplate a tribute to a film, as they did with Apocalypse Now two years ago and my suggestion was Taxi Driver which is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its release this year.

I included the teaser for the 40th anniversary re-release of the Martin Scorsese classic...his best film in my opinion.

In the intervening time, I have discovered that there is a 40th anniversary poster as well>  Here it is via The Playlist:

Friday's done.  More Monday...

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