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Ten (Plus) Bets #10 / Toni Erdmann News / Add an Doc to Your T-ride List / Oscar Watch Podcast

It's Friday...aren't you glad?

The 43rd Telluride Film Festival starts in 6 days!


Here's the latest version of MTFB's Ten (Plus) Bets for films to appear at the Telluride Film Festival. It's the next to last Ten Bets for TFF #43.  I'll post a final iteration on Wednesday morning just before I head west.  If the past is an indicator, we should see the official list sometime on Thursday morning. We have some additions and adjustments due to news that I'll delve into in more detail below as well as the revelation this past week that The Red Turtle is billed by the Toronto International Film Festival as a North American premiere.

Here's last week's Ten (Plus) Bets:

20) Journey Through French Cinema
19) Defying the Nazis
18) The B-Side
17) Into the Inferno
16) Wakefield
15) Graduation
14) Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer
13) Manchester by the Sea
12) Maudie
11) Una
10) Frantz
9) The Red Turtle
8) Fire at Sea
7) Neruda
6) Bleed for This
5) Moonlight
4) Arrival
3) La La Land
2) Things to Come
1) Toni Erdmann

And now Ten (Plus) Bets #10:

20) Staying Vertical
19) Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds
18) A Journey Through French Cinema
17) Wakefield
16) Norman: The Rise and Fall...
15) Graduation
14) The B-Side
13) Into the Inferno
12) Manchester by the Sea
11) Maudie
10) Frantz
9) Una
8) Fire at Sea
7) Toni Erdmann
6) Neruda
5) Bleed for This
4) Moonlight
3) Things to Come
2) La La Land
1) Arrival

Continued possibilities: Defying the Nazis, Sully, Nocturnal Animals, Exile, The Sense of an Ending, Eternity,The Circle, The Founder, Gold, Miss Sloane, The Mercy, The Accountant

Again, look for a FINAL TEN (PLUS) BETS on Wednesday next week.


A couple of items about Cannes critical sensation Maren Ade's Toni Erdmann.

First, the film has been officially chosen as Germany's entrant for the Foreign Language Oscar.  That news came yesterday and really wasn't surprising.  The film was so warmly received that it would have been a stunner if it hadn't been selected.

I went on record yesterday as suggesting that it could even figure into the Best Picture race depending on its reception in Telluride.

That reception, however, seemed to be about to be rendered defunct yesterday when Jason Osiason alerted me to the fact that the film had been unveiled in the second wave of films for Fantastic Fest (Sept. 22-29).  Fantastic Fest listed the film as a U.S. Premiere.  Jason's point, and it was well taken, was that it couldn't very well be a U.S. Premiere if it had already screened at Telluride three weeks earlier.


Toronto has it listed as a Canadian Premiere and would ONLY do that if it had screened somewhere on the North American continent prior to its Sept. 8 screening date in Canada which means to me that Toni plays T-ride.

Additionally, the Fantastic Fest premiere designations for some other films are a little shaky.  For example, both Fantastic Fest and The New York Film Fest claim to be the U.S. Premiere of  Paul Verhoeven's Elle.  Obviously, both things can't be true.  Another oddity: Fantastic Fest lists Andrea Arnold's American Honey as a "Texas" Premiere and yet I can't find any place the film is screening in the U.S. prior to its appearance at Fantastic.  Under normal circumstances that might lead me to think that the film would make Telluride's lineup but its designation as a North American premiere at Toronto makes that improbable.

Meanwhile, I also got an email from MTFB friend Christopher Schiller who had noticed that in the second wave of film announcements for the Austin (TX) Film Festival that Garth Davis' Lion (which I thought was a probable Telluride film for a long time) was being listed as a "Texas" Premiere.  He was curious about it for the same reason Jason had been curious about Toni Erdmann's FF designation and it does seem odd.  Austin's Fest runs Oct. 13-20. Lion is labeled by TIFF as a World Premiere.  So why doesn't Austin label it as a North American Premiere?

I wrote yesterday that there might be some uncertainty about "the veracity' of the "honest premiere policy" this year and today's Toni Erdmann and Lion news makes that seem even more plausible today.

Here are links to the relevant announcements from Fantastic Fest and the Austin Film Fest


Image via IMDb

You can add another documentary to your list of films making the TFF #43 lineup as an Indiewire story yesterday from Anne Thompson reveals that Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds is set to play.

The doc is co-directed by Fisher Stevens and Alexis Bloom.

The revelation comes in an article Thompson writes about the Oscar prospects for a number of this year's docs.

Thompson also repeats the claim that emerged earlier this week that Werner Herzog's Into the Inferno will also make the lineup.

The complete post is here from Indiewire


Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams of Awards Daily returned to podcasting last night and the  cast includes a discussion of probable Telluride films (as well as the Nate Parker situation).  A certain blog devoted to Telluride's Film Fest gets a mention!  Listen to it here: OscarWatch Podcast

That's a wrap for this Friday.  Stay tuned to this space as I may take the unusual step of posting special notices through the weekend if conditions warrant.  Otherwise, MTFB is back on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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