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La La Land Lands a New Trailer and Song / Toronto Surprise / Toni Erdmann Is a Winner

Good Wednesday Campers...

43rd Telluride Film Fest Liftoff in 9 days...


Damien Chazelle's La La Land...opening Venice on Aug. 31 and coming soon to a SHOW near you, if you happen to be in Telluride, CO. over Labor Day weekend...dropped a new trailer and a new song as well yesterday as it ramps up to its World Premiere in a week.

Here's the trailer via YouTube:

I like this trailer better than the first.

La La Land second trailer coverage is here: 


Han Solo to Luke Skywalker:

Yes.  I need to remember the above line from Star Wars.  Every time I think, "Hey, you've gotten really good at this Telluride lineup game" something happens to remind me that I'm not as hot a shot as I think I am.  To wit...

Yesterday's final Toronto International Film Festival announcement was notable not for the films that the new information suggests could play Telluride but wholly because of a couple of films that the new info suggests will NOT play in Telluride.

Both were listed as North American premieres and both are full length animated films.  The least surprise of the two was My Life as a Courgette, an Annecy Animation winner that I thought had a reasonable chance of making the trip to southwest Colorado.  Seems not.

The other was a stunning surprise, to me anyway, as Michael Dudok de Wit's The Red Turtle was announced as an N.A. preem.  That's a film that I had pegged as a Telluride-likely since it appeared at Cannes in May.  I've had it in the Ten Bets list for nine straight weeks.

Looks like I

Great kid, don't get cocky...

Other than those two nodes of knowledge, I couldn't find any other news in the last TIFF that suggested that any other films are IN for T-ride nor any other films that I thought might play that are nixed.

Here's the coverage of yesterday's TIFF announcement from Indiewire


Toni Erdmann did not win any official competition prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May, despite being generally regarded as the biggest critical success.  It did, however, win the independent and not Cannes official FIPRESCI Prize. It also won the International Cinephile Award for Cannes (not an official Cannes award either).

Now, Maren Ade's film can add a further accolade to its arsenal.  Toni Erdmann was named yesterday as the winner of the FIPREDSI Grand Prix as the Best Film of the year.

Toni Erdmann will almost certainly figure into the Foreign Language Oscar conversation this year and if it is as warmly received in Telluride in a few days as it was in Cannes, perhaps it sneaks into the this year's Best Picture conversation as well (remember, you read that here first, unless I'm wrong...then you can forget it).

I had Toni Erdmann listed as the #1 Bet on last week's Ten (Plus) Bets list.  I'm pretty sure it's going to play.  But remember what Han said to Luke.  Your reminder is above.

Here's coverage of the Toni Erdmann FIPRESCI win:


The Hollywood Reporter

That's all for this Wednesday.  More tomorrow, including a segment titled "What's the Mystery Film?"

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Anonymous said...

The TFF app has been updated. Not much information to glean from it, except:
1. The festival will show The Eagle Huntress at the outdoor cinema.
2. There is an Elsa Dorfman exhibit as part of the festival, essentially confirming that Errol Morris's The B-Side will be playing.
Thanks for the blog!