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Welcome back from the weekend to this Monday in late August.  It's less than two weeks to TFF #43 and the anticipation is building.


I ran across a mention of likely Telluride films in a couple of places yesterday.  The first was Mind of a Suspicious Kind by Jordan Ruimy.  I looked up the post and found that it contained a list of 20 films probable for Telluride.  That list is film for film the same as last Friday's Ten (Plus) Bets with the only difference being that this list was alphabetized.   Ruimy says at the top of the post that the info had come from "from a usually reliable source".

Then last night, Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere posted the same list with a link to MTFB.  Seems that Ruimy is Well's guest on the next version of his Oscar Podcast.

I have three takeaways.  1) It feels to me that MTFB is probably the origin of the list that they're working from. 2) The Wells post makes it seem clear that the latest Ten (Plus) Bets is relatively accurate and 3) as per Wells post it appears that there is at least "one major American film that is definitely going" to Telluride (per Wells' source) that is NOT mentioned on any version of the list. That's exciting and makes me wonder if that "major American film" might be Sully (more about that below) or the Venice-announced film that I alluded to in my post last Friday under the heading "Whispers and Whispers".

That's intriguing.

Here are links to both the Hollywood Elsewhere and Mind of a Suspicious Kind posts from yesterday:


(photo from Indiewire)

Over the weekend we discovered that Bertrand Tavernier's massive (190 min.)  Journey Through French Cinema will be featured at the New York Film Festival.  The retrospective of the history of French film is something that I feel moderately confident will get a try out in the San Juans over the Labor Day weekend before Tavernier tackles it in New York in October.  Journey Through French Cinema sat at #20 in last week's Ten (Plus) Bets for TFF #43.

Here's the story of its inclusion for NYFF from Indiewire:


I have speculated, suggested, campaigned...choose your verb...on behalf of the possible inclusion of Ron Howard's Beatles documentary Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years as a part of Telluride's lineup for this year.

I have mentioned that there are circumstantial indicators that indicate that it is at least possible.  The film's release date comes a couple of weeks after Telluride.  The streaming service Hulu, which has the rights to the film, has partnered with distributor Abramorama for a theatrical release on Sept. 16. Hulu is scheduled to begin streaming the film the following day.  Abramorama has been involved at Telluride in recent years with two films on the TFF #42 slate last year: Time to Choose and Heart of a Dog.  They also had Particle Fever at TFF in 2013; so there is some historical precedent in as far as the distributor is concerned.

For a awhile, I thought that Eight Days a Week might be the special addition to the Venice lineup that Venice Film Fest head man Alberto Barbera hinted might be coming when that fest announced its lineup at the end of July but that hasn't materialized.

Nevertheless, I can hope.  Added to that hope was this post from Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere in which he asks the question about the possibility of a Telluride screening but also admits that he has no inside information that would lead him to believe that it will happen.  There's just the implication that, like me, he'd like to see the film pop at T-ride in a few days.

Here's the H.E. post:


I mentioned in last Friday's post that there had been some increasing chatter about the possibility of Clint Eastwood's Sully starring Tom Hanks as the true life hero of the Miracle on the Hudson (Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger).  I wrote then that I was still "dubious" about the chances that it would play TFF #43.

There ARE reasons to think that it COULD happen.  The film is from Warner Bros. and, as I have written repeatedly this summer, WB has been a fairly common player at Telluride over the past four years.  Telluride regular Laura Linney has a substantial role in the film as Sully's wife Lorraine and though the window is tight in terms of the release of the film (Sept. 9), it's possible.  Eastwood himself is a past T-ride tribute recipient in 1990 and was guest again in 1998.

All that to get to this...the buzz for a Sully screening grew somewhat over the weekend.  It's not that anyone is actually saying, "Hey, Sully will be at Telluride", but I'm still hearing that people are "hearing" that it might play Telluride.

Bottom line, it seems a little more possible today than it did Friday.

Additionally, we got a new trailer for Sully over the weekend.  Here it is from YouTube:

I've also included Alex Billington's/ story about the release of the second trailer:


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Anonymous said...

Does said Venice crossover film rhyme with Scotchturnal Danimals by any chance?

Michael Patterson said...

It might but remember, I'm still not completely sold on the notion that it's going to happen.