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The Final TFF #43 Ten (Plus) Bets / La La Land Poster for Fests / Awards Circuit Looks at Festival Offerings / Rules Breaking to AFI / Notes for TFF #43

Welcome to Wednesday...Leaving for Telluride and heaven thus afternoon.  I'll be on the ground in The Ride early Thursday afternoon and than it all takes flight on Friday...been waiting for a year!


Here it is.  Less than 24 hours until the lineup is officially announced and here's the last MTFB listing of the films I believe will be announced for the fest tomorrow.  A reminder that this is not a complete list by any means.  There will be many more films on the program in addition to these assuming I've gotten these right.  I've annotated here and there.

20) Sully.  The Clint Eastwood film crawls onto the list.  Too many outlets this last week suggesting it could/will play to ignore.

19) A Journey Through French Cinema.  Bertrand Tavernier's retrospective of French film seems too Telluride-y to not make the lineup.

18) Bright Lights; Starring Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds.  Indiewire says that this is happening.  I'm hoping Carrie Fischer comes to the San Juans.

17) The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Gallery.  The app map that dropped last week seems to guarantee this.

16) Into the Inferno.  After missing the fest last year, I fully expect that Werner Herzog returns home.

15) Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer.  Richard Gere's late breaking entrant signaled by the Toronto announcement that it will be an International Premiere there.

14) Graduation.  You can't be shocked if Cristian Mungiu returns to T-ride after his success a few years back with 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days.

13) Wakefield.  Another late entry to my TFF radar that TIFF announcements seems to have revealed. I'm beyond excited about any chance that Bryan Cranston could be in town.

12) Maudie.  Sally Hawkins made a mark at Telluride a few years ago with Happy-Go-Lucky but couldn't attend the fest.  Maybe she gets to make the trip this time with this film.

11) Una.  All but confirmed by Mondays Screen Daily review slip up.  Does last year's tribute recipient Rooney Mara make a return visit to Telluride?

10) Manchester by the Sea.  All signs point to that rare exception for a film that played at Sundance and making the TFF lineup.  Lots of buzz around performances by Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.  Could they be in town?

9) Frantz.  I'm intrigued that this is the one of the three films that looks like it's going to make the triple threat of Venice-Telluride and Toronto.  The other two appear a bit higher on this final list but that distinction makes me think it will be on my list of possible films to catch.

8) Neruda.  The Pablo Larrain film has long been thought to be a serious contender for a spot this weekend.

7) Fire at Sea.  I've thought this was a likely TFF player since winning the big prize in Berlin back in February.

6) Things to Come.  Same as for Fire at Sea.  Its Berlin reception made me think we could see it over Labor Day

5) Moonlight.  Lots of buzz and a perfect resume to make the lineup.

4) Bleed for This.  Flying  under the radar for most of the summer, its choice for Toronto signaled it as a film to take note of as a Telluride contender.

3) Toni Erdmann.  Its Cannes reception made me believe that it would be a TFF #43 title.

2) La La Land.  Venice and then Telluride.

1) Arrival. Venice and then Telluride.


A number of outlets published the new poster for Damien Chazelle's La La Land that reportedly has been designed to go along with its festival appearances.  Here's the new poster...It looks good...

Wouldn't mind seeing the poster this weekend.  Bet we can see the film!


Clayton Davis posted a big, sprawling piece yesterday at Awards Circuit focusing on the Oscars and Telluride.  If you take a look at it, you might notice that he references MTFB.  That's nice.  Davis has been good to MTFB this past couple of weeks as we get closer and closer to TFF #43.

At any rate, the post mentions specifically: Arrival, La La Land, Bleed for This, Moonlight, Toni Erdmann, Una and Maudie.

Davis article concludes with a link to the latest Oscar predictions from Awards Circuit.  You can find the post here at Awards Circuit


As expected, at least here at MTFB, The American Film Institute announced yesterday that they will open the AFI Fest on Nov. 10 with the world premiere of Warren Beatty's Rules Don't Apply.  There is also some word that the film may be screened in a small, private fashion at some point at and during the Venice Film Festival.  I would have liked to have the film sneak at Telluride this weekend but always thought that wasn't probable.

Still, the AFI berth signals that there are some folks who feel that it's a a very good film and that should make everyone take notice as we move into awards season.

Here's the coverage of the AFI/Rules announcement:





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#2) Come back tomorrow for the official announcement of the lineup for TFF #43.  It'll be interesting to see who drops it first and when.  Sometimes it's broken early.  Despite the fact that I'll be on the road somewhere in southern Colorado when it breaks, I'll get it posted here to MTFB as  fast as possible.

#3) Check in often at MTFB during the fest.  I'll be posting reactions, choices and each day's TBAs and any Sneaks that may be added.

#4) Remember that even after the fest concludes, I'll still be posting.  We've got The People's and Professionals' Telluride to collate and report and we'll shift our focus to how the awards season is going to play out and how the films of the 43rd Telluride Film Festival fare.


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