Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Short Post for a Tuesday / Day Four in the Books / Reminder

Good Tuesday every one....the 43rd Telluride Film Festival has come to a close.  It was awesome.


As you read this I am in a Jeep Patriot headed back from Heaven (Telluride) to the home base in Oklahoma.  So excuse me if this is short.  I have about a 9 1/2 hour drive topped by a play rehearsal ahead of me.

First and foremost a shout out to my hosts for the 11th consecutive year: Larry and Mitzi Mallard of Telluride.  They make the fest and by extension this Blog possible.

Also a tip of the hat to professional friends who have embraced MTFB in various ways: Kris Tapley, Sasha Stone, Tomris Laffly, Scott Feinberg, Eric Kohn, Anne Thompson, David Ehrlich, Mark Johnson, Greg Ellwood, Kenny Miles and the irrepressible Chris Schiller.  You folks make me feel like a part of the club.

And to the Festival a big thanks.  Julie Huntsinger, Shannon Mitchell and Richard Parkins...you make me feel welcome.

Finally, to  my wife Kristy who indulges the obsession that I have for the Telluride Film Festival...Thank you.


A lazier day than two or three and that's OK.

Slept in a bit on Day Four so started with the Labor Day Picnic at 11:00.  Nice eats.  Good ice cream.  Stuck around long enough for the arrival of the iridescent Emma Stone.  Before leaving Town Park I had the chance to speak briefly with Moonlight screen writer and director Barry Jenkins.  In the midst of that conversation came the revelation that he knew of MTFB and mentioned that this space had been the first to suggest a Telluride play for his film (thanks to Jason Osiason).  He was appreciative. That moment became the highlight of a very eventful weekend for me.  Thank you Mr. Jenkins!

Caught my breath and then  hiked to the Gondola to catch the 1:00 pm screening of Bleed for This. It's competently constructed and lead Miles Teller does a convincing job as the central character, real life boxer Vinny Pazienza.  For my money the film is stolen by Aaron Eckhardt as Vinny's troubled trainer,  I'm imploring any members of the Academy or any readers that know members of the Academy to lobby for Mr. Eckhardt here.  Liked him in Sully on Saturday...loved him in Bleed for This on Monday.  He's fantastic.

Closed film watching late Monday afternoon at the Chuck with the Israeli film Through the Wall which was a delight.


The 43rd Fest is done...so People and Professionals...send me your film ratings!  1 to 5 scale with 1 being not so good and 5 being a Kubrick level masterpiece.

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