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The Professionals Telluride Revealed / Moonlight Sets MTFB Pros Records / Overviews of TFF #43

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Ten days removed for the conclusion of TFF #43 and it's time to reveal the results of this year's view of films from the festival of a collection of industry professionals, critics and pundits.

Serving this year as MTFB's Professionals are:

Alex Billington/
David Ehrlich/Indiewire
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter
Stephen Galloway/The Hollywood Reporter
Mark Johnson/
Tomris Laffly/Film Journal
Kenny Miles/The Movie Blog
Christopher Schiller/
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Kristopher Tapley/Variety-In Contention
Anne Thompson/Indiewire

The Professionals (just as The People's Telluride) used a 1-5 rating scale with 1 being "abysmal" and 5 being "outstanding",  A film had to be rated by at least a third of the Pros to earn an average.  15 films met that criteria.

Here are The Professionals' results for TFF #43:

1) Moonlight (4.82)
2) La La Land (4.58)
3) Things to Come (4.20)
4) Manchester by the Sea (3.95)
5) Into the Inferno (3.92)
6) Sully (3.89)
7) Arrival (3.88)
8) Toni Erdmann (3.85)
9) Maudie (3.60)
10) Una (3.44)
11) California Typewriter (3.25)
12) Neruda (3.00)
13) Bleed for This (2.71)
14) Wakefield (2.67)
15) Norman (2.67)


Barry Jenkins' Moonlight becomes the first film in the five years that I've been doing these ratings to top both The Pros and The Peoples ratings AND it is also the highest rated film by The Pros in that five year span (see below).

There is a lot of agreement this year between The People's ratings and the Pros.  Numbers one and two are the same in both polls.  The biggest disconnect occurs on Mia Hansen-Love's Things to Come which the Pros have at #3 with a 4.20 average rating.  The People had Things to Come as their #19 (of 21) with a composite rating of 3.05)

The Pros were more generous at the top of their list.  For example, #1 Moonlight (in both polls) gets a high 4.82 average from the Pros but The People's average was substantially lower (though still the best rating of all films) at 4.37.

However, The Pros only gave three films a rating of 4+: Moonlight, La La Land and Things to Come whereas the People gave six films a 4+ rating: Moonlight, La La Land, Maudie, The Eagle Huntress, Manchester by the Sea and Arrival.

As mentioned above, Moonlight became the highest rated film in the five years I've been doing this project with its stunning 4.82 rating.  Here's the latest version of The Pros Top Ten with 2016 films added into the mix:

1) Moonlight-2016 (4.82)
2) Birdman-2014 (4.72)
3) 12 Years a Slave- 2013 (4.70)
3) Central Park Five-2012 (4.70)
5) Foxcatcher- 2014 (4.63)
6) La La Land- 2016 (4.58)
7) Argo- 2012 (4.50)
8) Son of Saul- 2015 (4.44)
9) Anomalisa-2015 (4.42)
10) Spotlight- 2015(4.41)

2016's #2 film according to The Pros-La La Land- also landed in the top ten all time at #6.  The rise of Moonlight and La La Land bumped Blue is the Warmest Color and Steve Jobs out of The Pros all time Top Ten.

Coming on Monday...The Combination Ratings...adding The Pros and The Peeps together.


Eugene Hernandez took a look at his highlights from the recently concluded 43rd Telluride Film Festival for Film Journal.  Hernandez singles out: Moonlight, California Typewriter, Sully and Bright Lights for detailed commentary.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy et. al. took a larger view and has named ten films from across the triple threat fall film fest lineups: Telluride, Venice and Toronto.  TFF 43 films that make the cut for The THR article include: Moonlight, La La Land, Arrival, Frantz and Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer.  Check out the complete THR list here.

Also, Variety's Kristopher Tapley runs down a number of the films that have played over the past two weeks at the fall festivals in this Variety post.  He places attention on Telluride films: La La Land, Sully, Moonlight, Arrival, Bleed for This and Manchester by the Sea.

That's it for Thursday.  Return Monday for a look at The Pros and The Peeps combination film ratings.

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Avi Christiaans said...

Hi. Why isn't "Jackie" and "A Monster Calls" on the list?

Michael Patterson said...

Because neither film played at Telluride.