Thursday, August 23, 2018

New Announcements Reveal Possibilities / Awards Daily's Comprehensive Review of Fests and Oscar Players / First Look at Nicole in Destroyer

Good Thursday everyone...we're just a week away from being on the road to Telluride. 


Since Tuesday's post we have seen new announcements from Fantastic Fest (its second wave), the New York Film Fest  and the last of Toronto's announcements.  Each has given us a few more tidbits to chew on.

New York's documentary announcements give us the most information of interest.  The NYFF announces with some films having NO premiere designation.  Those appear to be films that have had their U.S. premiere somewhere prior to New York's dates.  Three documentaries fit that criteria that also do not have any credited U.S. screening that I can find up to this point:  Angels Are Made of Light...which almost assuredly confirms it for Telluride after its earlier announcement for Toronto as a Canadian Premiere.

The other two are The Waldheim Waltz and Watergate.  Waldheim is from film maker Ruth Beckermann while Watergate is from Oscar winner (Inside Job) Charles Ferguson.  Ferguson has played Telluride in 2010.  Seems like Ferguson could well be returning to The SHOW.

Meanwhile, Toronto's last announcement left us with a couple of items of interest.  We know that Brady Corbet's Vox Lux starring Natalie Portman won't make the trip from Venice as TIFF lists it as a North American Premiere.  However, Lukas Dhont's Girl, which made a splash at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section, is all but confirmed for TFF #45 with its Canadian Premiere designation.

And Fantastic Fest announced Ali Abassi's Border as a Texas Premiere.  I had some confusion a couple of weeks back when the L.A. Film Fest announced it (prior to its inclusion later by Toronto) as a "California Premiere" rather than a U.S. Premiere and thought that made the film a pretty decent bet for T-ride.  Seems I was wrong.

I'll have all of this figured into tomorrow's post with a brand new Ten Bets that will probably be 20 films. 

Here are links to the latest news from the New York Film Festival (via Variety)

The Toronto International Film Festival

Fantastic Fest (from


Yesterday my friend Sasha Stone of Awards Daily posted a substantial piece detailing what film festivals have what films and which seem to be playing that are probable Oscar contenders.  The piece is quite informative and, to blow my own horn here, the Telluride section includes a fairly significant chunk of MTFB.

Here's the link.

And my thanks to Sasha for including my work on her website.


You probably saw it all over the web the last day or so.  I'm taking the photo of Nicole Kidman in character for her film Destroyer which we are relatively certain will be a part of the TFF #45 lineup when it's officially announced a week from today.  If you haven't seen it, take a gander:

Here's a woman going full Charlize Theron in Monster.

Kidman plays a former cop that attempts to correct a part of her past.  

Could this be the role that nets her a third Oscar?  Maybe.

Vanity Fair published the photo with an interview of the film's director Karyn Kusawa which you can find here.

That's your Thursday MTFB.  More tomorrow including the next to last Ten Bets for 2018.  The SHOW draws near!


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