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TTSS One Sheet/Pix of Ides/Mirren into Spector/Twixt...

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Tomas Alfredson's adaptation of the John LeCarre spy novel "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" has a one sheet out and online...as you can see above.  Thanks to The Playlist at Indiewire for the story and link to the picture. 
Interestingly, for the second time we have a story that mentions Telluride as a possible destination for this film this fall (in the context of the Telluride, Venice, Toronto triumvirate).
You can find that post here:


Also up yesterday, via Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon, a picture of Ryan Gosling at work on the set of the George Clooney political thriller "The Ides of March."  "Ides" has been tapped to open the Venice Festival.  I'm hoping that it follows the same path that "Black Swan" did last year and opens Venice and then is included as a sneak (or a tribute) on Telluride's schedule.  It would also get Clooney in town to support the anticipated presence of his star turn in Alexander Payne's "The Descendants."

The link to that story at ROS is here:


Helen Mirren who won the 2006 Best Actress Oscar  for "The Queen" and who was in  Telluride in 2009 with "The Last Station" ad Oscar nominated for that, has been a busy woman since.  Now comes the news from The Wrap that she has been tapped to replace Bette Middler in the David Mamet directed Phil Spector biopic starring Al Pacino as the creator of "The Wall of Sound."

Mirren will play a defense attorney for Spector in the film.  As we look ahead to TFFs 39 or 40, this project will probably be on our Telluride film watch list.

The Wrap's story is here:


Also news last night that SlashFilm had the first look at Francis Ford Coppola's "Twixt" (the title of which has been "Twixt Now and Sunrise").  The post features a really interesting picture from the set of Coppola and Elle Fanning.  See...

"Twixt" is described as a "sort of" gothic thriller.  Coppola has been a part of Telluride's film fest in the past so I have thought that there has been a possibility that we could see this film in the San Juans over Labor Day weekend...but I wouldn't hold my breath for very long...as the Slashfilm story reports "Twixt" will be previewed at Comic Con this coming weekend...so that almost certainly nukes it for Telluride.

SlashFilm's story is here:

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