Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And That's a Wrap for 2011

For a change the projected schedule actually played out as planned yesterday.

Quick responses from Day Four of the 38th Telluride Film Festival...

A Separation...The script is brilliant and the acting is top notch from all involved.  Hope Iran allows this to play in the Oscar race for Best Foreign Film...it would have a shot....

We Need to Talk About Kevin...perhaps a case where knowing less about the film might have been a better situation.  The film is executed well enough and Tilda Swinton is fine, but the real revelation is Ezra Miller as Swinton's teenage son...he's fantastic.

The Kid with a Bike...Kind of, if you'll pardon the expression, pedestrian...

A Dangerous Method...Tapley has best quick take..." really smart paint drying"  It's beautifully shot.  But with Cronenberg directing Fassbender and Mortensen I expected a film about the "talking cure" that was done energetically and kinetically.  Um...not so much.  (This is the director of "Eastern Promises" and "A History of Violence"?)

The Chief Executive says "Hollywood Don't Surf" was excellent, a fun, fun ride.
And  Pina...mind numbing

Excellent shorts this weekend: La Luna, Luminaris, Oh Paris!


Mitzi and Larry Mallard and The River Club staff...thank you once again!

Thanks to all of you who have followed the blog this year...stay tuned.  Over the next few days we'll wrap of TFF #38 and start the transition to Awards season coverage with emphasis on this year's Telluride slate...

Check out Anne Thompson's roundups of T-ride critical reaction that includes, well, me as "The Playlist":


And you girls that I spoke with and took pics with at "The Guide to the Ride; The Flow of the SHOW"  email/tweet/fb me...I don't have names and I'd like to have them (CU film major?)

And also a quick shout out to Scott Feinberg newly of The Hollywood Reporter...nice conversation before "Kid with a Bike".

MTFB will take a day off Wednesday and be back on Thursday, Sept. 8.

And I'll be back in Telluride in 362 days (2012 is a leap year) for the 39th Telluride Film Festival!


Anonymous said...

PINA mind numbing?

You're out of your mind. It's a beautiful film.

*Shakes Head*

Michael said...

Just reporting what the CEO said...