Monday, September 12, 2011

Venice/Post TFF Tea Reading/The Master

TFF #38 came to a close a week ago today.  In some ways I feel like it just ended last night and in others, like it was months ago...


The Venice Film Festival drew to a close this past weekend with presentation of a number of awards.  Perhaps the most notable with regard to Telluride's Festival was the naming of Michael Fassbender as Best Actor for "Shame."  I'm pleased at that since I think Fassbender's performance in the film was the best acting I saw last weekend in the Rockies.  Frankly, I think he's incredible.  So I was pleased to hear that he had been rewarded.

The award plus the news over the weekend that Fox Searchlight had picked up the U.S. distribution rights for "Shame" means that Fassbender and maybe Carey Mulligan also, has at least a shot at an Oscar nomination for Actor and Supporting Actress respectively.

Perhaps no other film drew such distinctly polar reactions in Telluride last week as Steve McQueen's sophomore effort.  I often felt pretty lonely standing in a line as a champion of the film.  A lot of people really didn't care for it.  But for my money, Best Film of the weekend and Fassbender and Mulligan give revelatory performances.  So I say "Go Fox Search!"

Here are a number of posts that include the Venice run down and the slate of prizes including the Golden Lion to Alexander Sokurov's "Faust" which drew mixed reviews and was also a minor blip on my Telluride possibilities list at one time.

Sokurov with Venice's Golden Lion

The Playlist:

Deadline Hollywood:

Screen Daily:

The Guardian:

Here's the link to the trailer for Faust at YouTube:

Faust's IMDb page:

Shame's IMDb page:

Fassbender's IMDb page:

Mulligan's IMDb page:


As they do every week, Kris Tapley of and Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood do a podcast and update their view of where the awards season is.  This week's is Telluride-centric as you might expect.  You can take a listen (and also look at Tapley's brief introductory comments) here:


One of the films that I have my eye on as a possibility for TFF #39 is the Paul Thomas Anderson project entitled (at least for now) "The Master" starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.  Now comes word from "Hollywood Elsewhere",  PT Anderson fan sight "Red Vines and Cigarettes" and Twitter that filming is complete.  That should give Anderson a good amount of time to edit (don't know if it will be enough, though...).  My expectation would be that if it's ready we might see it as an entrant at Cannes in May 2012 and then possibly in Telluride next September...

Here's the tweet:
"Phillip Seymour Hoffman confirms "The Master" is done filming, denies it has anything to do with Scientology. #themaster"

Here's the link to Jeff Wells post at H.E.:

The Master's IMDb page:

One can hope...

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