Monday, September 5, 2011

Day Three/Day Four/Good Buzz/Thanks/TBA's

The first show out of the shoot this morning could be any oner of four: "Swinton Tribute/We Need to Talk Abot Kevin", "Footnote", "The Island President", or "A Seperation".  Then the plan is to snag lunch at the Labor Day Picnic and follow up in the afternoon and evening with TBAs...see below...


Pina...Shame...Descendants...The Artist...A Separation...In Darkness...Into the Abyss...A Trip to the Moon...The Kid with a Bike...Albert Nobbs...Target


A big THANK YOU to Rodrigo Perez and the entire staff at The Playlist for allowing a "greenhorn" his first shot at film criticism.  The time taken to mentor and edit is duly appreciated.  The Playlist at!!!


TBAs • Monday, September 5, 2011

Le Grand Amour  L/ Mon 4:00 PM
Pierre Etaix’s lost and hilarious masterpiece, never-before-seen in
North America, tells the story of a man who, having lost the spark in
his marriage, begins dreaming about his cute young secretary. (France,
1967, 87m)
• 25  Albert Nobbs                     P/ Mon 3:45 PM

• Butter                       P/ Mon 6:30 PM

• 32  A Dangerous Method      P/ Mon 8:30 PM

• 20  Pina                            G/ Mon 4:15 PM

• 3  Living in a Material World       G/ Mon 6:45 PM

• 22  Goodbye First Love              C/ Mon 3:00 PM

• 2  Le Havre                                 C/ Mon 5:30 PM

• 21  Kid With a Bike                 S/ Mon 4:00 PM

• 30  Shame                           S/ Mon 6:00 PM

• 13  A Separation                    S/ Mon 8:15 PM

• 14  Footnote                        N/ Mon 1:15 PM

• 15  In Darkness                             N/ Mon 3:30 PM

• 27  The Way Home                    N/ Mon 6:30 PM

• 12  The Artist                      N/ Mon 8:45 PM

• 16  Into the Abyss                 M/ Mon 1:00 PM

• 13  A Separation                   M/ Mon 3:00 PM

• 9  Bonsai                          M/ Mon 5:45 PM

• 15  In Darkness                            M/ Mon 8:00 PM

• Le Grand Amour                     L/ Mon 4:00 PM

* 33  Black God, White Devil          L/ Mon 6:00 PM

• Crazy Horse                          L/ Mon 9:00 PM
Frederick Wiseman’s portrait of the famed Paris burlesque hall.

• E  In the Tracks of Georges Delerue B/ Mon 1:15 PM

• D  I Am My Films                    B/ Mon 3:00 PM

• I  Tropic├ília                       B/ Mon 5:15 PM

• 7  From Morning to Midnight         O/ Mon 8:30 PM
with the Alloy Orchestra

Seminar: Monday, 12 noon, Town Park, Passholders only
Actor as Auteur?: How do actors influence not only their own
performances, but the deeper layers of a film?
With Rodrigo Garcia, Lynne Ramsay, Asghar Farhadi

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