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Thompson's Post-Telluride Toronto Take/Oscarology/Foreign News/SFFF/

Hello on a Thursday in September.  TFF #38 opened three weeks ago tomorrow and Tornoto closed 5 days ago...


Anne Thompson of indieWire's Thompson on Hollywood is one of the most perceptive film bloggers in the business.  So when she writes about the post mortem of the fall festival season, it's wise to pay attention.  She has and I have. 

Yesterday Thompson posted a good look at what films benefited and what was harmed in the last three weeks.  Among her comments that relate to TFF #38 pictures: 
Winners: "The Descendants":  AT says "multiple nominations"
"The Artist"...although she has reservations about the Best Actor chances for its lead Jean Dujardin.
George Clooney: who Anne says is a lock for a Best Actor nom from "Descendants"
Michael either "Shame" or "A Dangerous Method" (which she really liked...I think she's going to be off on it, though).
Sony Pictures Classics: and AT specifically cites SPC's Dangerous Method as well as Foreign film players from Telluride: "A Separation" and "In Darkness".
Also IFC as she cites "Pina" "Into the Abyss" and "The Kid with a Bike"
 Her only real "loser" was The Weinstein Co. and that was all laid at the feet of their Madonna Toronto offering "W.E."

The article contains a ton of other interesting info.  See it here:


Taking a run around some of the better known Oscar prognosticators, here's some of what I found this week.

Kris Tapley of InContention which is now housed at submits the following as regards Telluride 2011 offerings:
Best Picture: Good Bet: The Artist", Other Possibilities: The Descendants
Director: Good Bet: M. Hazanavicius/The Artist, Other Possibility: A. Payne/Descendants
Actor: Good Bet: Clooney/Descendant, Other Possibilities: J. Dujardin/Artist and M. Fassbender/Shame
Actress: Good Bet: Glenn Close/Albert Nobbs, Other Possibility: T. Swinton/We Need to Talk About Kevin
Supporting Actor: Other Possibility: Ezra Miller/Kevin
Supporting Actress; (T-ride's hottest category according to Tapley): Possibilities: Shailene Woodley/Descendants, Keira Knightley/Dangerous Method, Berenice Bejo/Artist, Janet McTeer/Albert Nobbs.  And he lists Carey Mulligan as a "Dark Horse" for Shame
Adapted Screenplay: Good Bet: Descendant, Possible: Dangerous Method.  "Dark Horses": Nobbs and Kevin
Original Screenplay: Good Bet:The Artist

From Tapley the count for the BIG 8 Categories:
6 Good Bets
11 Possibles and
3 Dark Horses.

By film:
The Descendants: 2 Good Bets and 3 Possibles
The Artist: 3 Good Bets and 2 Possibles
Albert Nobbs: 1 Good Bet, 1 Possible and 1 Dark Horse
Shame: 1 Possible and 1 Dark Horse
Kevin: 2 Possibles and 1 Dark Horse
Dangerous Method: 2 Possibles

You can find the new link to Tapley and InContention here:


A couple of updated lists of official Foreign Language Film Oscar entrants are around.  One is from Rope of Silicon.  ROS lists Telluride films already in the mix as: Le Havre, Pina, The Turin Horse, In Darkness, and A Separation.

Check their complete listing at:

The Playlist list is even a bit more complete.  It's here:


A quick shout out to the Santa Fe Film Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico October 20-23.  MTFB may try to make it there for some of that fest.  Their official website:

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