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Shame/Artist/Nobbs/Kevin/Abyss/Dangerous/Oscar Talk/Coming Attractions



Casting the objects of Michael Fassbender's character's obsession in Steve McQueen's "Shame"...not an easy task reports Steven Zeitchik or 24 Frames/The Envelope at the LA Times:

Is Shame edging into the conversation for Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay and/or Director?  Scott Feinberg kind of thinks so.  Look at this last week's Feinberg Forecast from The Hollywood Reporter (Descendants, Artist get a lot of love too...also some mention for Nobbs, Dangerous Method, Kevin):


Winning again..."The Artist" picked up another audience award, this time from the Austin Film Festival. has that here:

Writer/director Michael Hazanavicius and actress Berenice Bejo talk about the silent film with Chris Willman of The Wrap here:

Hazanavicius also talks to The Hollywood Reporter here:


Glenn Close is seen as a probable Oscar nominee by most Oscarologists, but the prevailing view at this moment seems to be  that it's not a sure thing.  Apparently that message isn't being received around the festival circuit as Ms. Close recently added more accolades to her trophy case.  The Tokyo Film Festival named her Best Actress for her performance in Nobbs.  The Hollywood Reporter has that story here:

Close will also receive a career achievement award at the Palm Springs Film Festival in January reports The Playlist here:

Here's my review of "Albert Nobbs" for The Playlist:


New trailer links for the Tilda Swinton vehicle.

The Hollywood Reporter:

The Playlist:

Rope of Silicon:

And an interview with writer/director Lynne Ramsay from The Guardian:


Eugene Hernandez of the Film Society of Lincoln Center (and IndieWire) tweeted this past week that there are 4 more parts to the Werner Herzog death row documentary.  This comes a week after the unveiling of a trailer and poster.  You can find the links and stories here:

Awards Daily:

The Wrap:


Movie City News talks to auteur David Cronenberg about the Jung/Freud film that underwhelmed me and many others at Telluride:


Here's a link to this week's Oscar Talk with Awards Daily's Sasha Stone and InContention's Kris Tapley:


Buzz about some projects that could make their way up the pass to Telluride in the next year or two.

The Comedian...Sean Penn (Into the Wild, 2007) will apparently direct Robert DeNiro and Kristen Wiig.  Reports from:

Thompson on Hollywood:

The Playlist:

The Hollywood Reporter:

The Wrap:


Speaking of Sean Penn...imagine him teamed again with Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu (Babel 2006, Biutiful 2010) as they were in "21 Grams".  Both have a Telluride pedigree.  Now throw in Leonardo DiCaprio (who is getting a lot of buzz for Best Actor this week as people have finally started seeing "J. Edgar").  Could that hypothetical film happen and could be a possible Telluride choice in , say, 2 years?  Yes and yes say I.  Check this from The Playlist:

I've been tracking news about the suddenly prolific output of Terrence Malick.  A few weeks ago I posted footage of him filming Christian Bale in Austin, TX.  Now, via a friend from there, I have this youtube link to recent footage of Malick (bandana covering his face) and Ryan Gosling, also shooting in Austin.  Here's that link:

And then there is this weekend's announcement concerning The Weinstein Company and "Song for Marion".  Weinstein's have been a popular part of TFF the last two years with "The King's Speech" and "The Artist".  So I can see this being on our program next fall.  From The Playlist:

Not for nothing, but I have to say that I was a little tickled at this sentence in the third paragraph of the story:

Of course, the Weinsteins have a history of stacking the deck with Academy hopefuls. Watch how “W.E” and “Butter” have been neglected after weak reviews in favor of “The Artist” and “Sarah’s Key” (which heads back onto 300 screens today). 

I'd like to think my review of "Butter" for The Playlist is one of those referenced.  I was not impressed.
Check that review here:

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