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#OccupyOscar/Descendants on the Brink/Shame Continues its Assault/Into Werner's Abyss/The Artist Making Noise/And Finally...

Hello all on a Monday morning in November.  Hope your weekend was good.


Borrowing from the "We are the 99" movement and the notion of advocating for the underdog, MTFB/FAC has undertaken a twitter project to advocate for under-the-radar and/or unlikely (but I think deserving) Oscar candidates.  You know, peeps like Ezra Miller in "We Need to Talk About Kevin" or Asghar Farhadi's screenplay for "A Separation".  And, of course, all the "Shame" players.  Their chances of getting an Oscar nod are really small but their work was really good.  So look for the hash tag #occupyoscar on Twitter and retweet it or replay or, you know, do that "twitter" thing.

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By the end of this week Alexander Payne's "The Descendants" will be in theaters.  In the 2 1/2 months since I saw it in Telluride at the Patron's Preview (complete with a passing word of congratulations to George Clooney and Mr. Payne), its stature and buzz have not only continued undiminished, but continued to grow.  

It's well reviewed (see my actually published big time review in The Playlist here: 
( and at or near the top of every Oscarologists list in a bunch of categories: Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay.

Keeping you current, here is an interview with Payne from this week in The New York Times:

Payne also talked to The Hollywood Reporter.  You can read that here:


FS continues to pound the pavement for Steve McQueen's "Shame" and that's all to the good as far as I'm concerned.  This week brings more from McQueen, star Michael Fassbender and co-star Carey Mulligan.  Nominate them all, I say!

HitFix talks to Carey Mulligan here:

Movie City News interviews McQueen and Fassbender here:

Hollywood News also has a brief story here:


Werner Herzog's "Into the Abyss" created quite a bit of buzz on the streets of Telluride in September and continues to make waves as it headed towards its limited release this past weekend.

Here are four posts/stories about the new documentary from Herzog.


The charming and magical "The Artist" from Michel Hazanavicius also continues to gain steam as we move out of fall.  It looks to be a multiple Oscar nominee, at least at this point.

Kenneth Turan at the LA Times appears smitten.  Look at his story here:,0,7702292.story


Speaking of Oscar (as I have above) here are some of this week's Oscarologists and their musings on where we are in the middle of November.

Scott Feinberg's "Feinberg and Friends" at The Hollywood Reporter:

Movie City News 17 Weeks to Oscar:

And The Hollywood Reporters' "Actresses Roundtable" featuring Telluride favorites Glenn Close and Carey Mulligan:


And one last thing, the blog went over 25,000 views this past week.  Small "yeah"!

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