Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Shame News/News of the Future/Oscarology


For my money Steve McQueen's "Shame" was the Best Film at Telluride this year and (at least so far) the Best Film of 2011.  Consequently you might want to check out a fairly lengthy article about "Shame" the NC-17 rating and chances for a Best Picture nomination from here:

Additionally, Fox Searchlight put up a new "Shame" website this week which can access via this post from them:

You can also access through the announcement story posted at Awards Daily here:


I continue to make the attempt to pass along tidbits from here and there about projects that have some chance of being an "Official Selection of the Telluride Film Festival"

at some point in the next year or two.  This week I ran across three interesting posts that point at some intriguing possibilities.

First, the news that the next two Alexander Payne projects.are still moving forward  "Nebraska" and "Wilson" continuing to make progress according to this story from The Playlist:

It wouldn't surprise me that one or both of these films when (and if) they're completed make their way up the pass into Telluride.

Then there is the news that Aki Kaurismaki's "Le Havre" is the beginning of a planned "Coast town" trilogy.  "Le Havre" was well received at T-ride, though I wasn't as impressed as others.  Check out Kaurismaki's plans in this post also from The Playlist:

And finally, The Playlist completes the hat trick with this story about casting two of this year's Telluride favorites together.  Jean Dujardin (The Artist) and Cecile De France (The Kid with a Bike) are set to star together in "Mobius".  Look here for early details:


Of course you all know the big Oscar news of the last 48 hours (get that reference?)  Ratner-GONE, Eddie Murphy...NOT HOSTING...what's going to happen?  News last night was that Brian Grazer is on board to produce and rumors are floating about Ben Stiller as the possible host (so "Tower Heist" might still provide the key).  Meanwhile...

A new Gurus of Gold is up from Movie City News.  Descendants, Artist and increasingly Shame are continuing to figure into awards conversations.  Take a gander at what top Oscarologists are thinking:

Also, you might enjoy a look at Mark Harris' "Oscarmetrics" has to say as he previews the end of the year releases that will form the crucible for this year's awards season.  That's here:

Also take a look, if you care to, at's Oscar index, new as of last night (and continuing to dump on J. Edgar's chances):

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