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Happy pre-Thanksgiving Monday everyone.


I'm continuing the Twitter assault on behalf of deserving film makers who are considered unlikely to pull down an Oscar nomination.  Go to Twitter and search for the #occupyoscar hashtag.  Retweet it, comment, etc.  And also follow me at @Gort2.


The onslaught of publicity for "The Descendants" was huge this past week with its release and so I continue to post a large quantity of this and that related to the film.

From our friend, Joe Morgenstern at The Wall Street Journal...Hi, Joe!:

And Mr. Roger Ebert:

General roundup from The Hollywood Reporter:

Shailene Woodley with The Playlist:

Clooney, Payne and others interviewed by Anne Thompson here:

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Descendants IMDb:


Meanwhile, the buzz continues to build for the anticipated limited release of Michel Nazanavicius' "The Artist.  It opens small this week (Nov. 23).  The Hollywood News was carrying the water for the silent black and white film this week as you can see:

The coolest thing, Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter will host a special screening of the film this week:

Also, Anne Thompson has an interview with Hazanavicius, Dujardin and Bejo here:

The Artist IMDb:


Frequent readers of this space know that I'm all about "Shame".  It has a new trailer that was all over the Internet this week.  Like the first one, it seems to me to be terribly effective, or maybe I've consumed so much of the "Shame" Kool-Aid that it just seems that it's terribly effective.  Here are multiple links:

Jeff Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere:


Rope of Silicon:

The Playlist:

The Hollywood Reporter:


Michael Fassbender continues to generate a  lot of ink for "Shame" and to a lesser extent "A Dangerous Method"  (and other films from earlier this year, like "X-Men: First Class).  Fassbender was named GQ's Man of the Year this past week.  Take a look at that story here:

You can also catch this interview with him from Slant Magazine:

Shame's IMDb:

All of which leads from "Shame" to...


Not my favorite of this year's Telluride offerings, but in an effort to provide full coverage of the post festival run through awards season, here are some of this week's nuggets about the David Cronenberg film.

Keira Knightley interviewed by Kyle Buchanan at

Viggo Mortensen interviewed by Rachel Dodes for The Wall Street Journal:

Dodes also interviews director/writer Cronenberg:

Also an informative piece on the film from

Dangerous' IMDb:


Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere was stumping this week for Foreign Language Oscar hopefuls.  Look at his musings here:

Included on his list of films that should be considered for the short list were the following TFF #38 films:  "A Separation" ( on my #occupyoscar list for an Original Screenplay nomination), "In Darkness", "Le Havre" "Pina", "The Turin Horse", and "Footnote".

Continuing to make its mark internationally this week was Asgahr Farhadi's "A Separation" winning an award from the BBC.  See that story from HitFix here:

The Hollywood Reporter interviews "In Darkeness" director Agnieszka Holland:


A look at the latest Golden Globes forecast from Scott Feinberg:

24 Frames/The Envelope look at the Best Actor race:

Rope of Silicon looks at the race for Best Actress:

Documentary short list was announced this week.  No Herzog or Morris...???  From Anne Thompson:

Oscar Talk podcast with Thompson and Kris Tapley of


And finally, once again, follow me on Twitter @Gort2 and support #occupyoscar!  More on Thursday!

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