Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cannes for Fools/Cannes for Real

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Quite a furor this last weekend as a purported list of Cannes #65 competition films leaked online.  It was disavowed and admitted to be a hoax but it did stir up a lot of interest for a few hours.

Here's the link to the "leaked" but illegitimate list:

The Playlist had this post debunking the hoax:

And here's the link to the Yahoo News story that, among others, cleared up the prank...


Meanwhile, speculation about what films WILL play at Cannes continues as we are just two weeks away from their announcement.  And, of course, Telluride fan's should be interested in that list because of the significant cross pollination that occurs between the two festivals.

Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood had a post up this week with assurances that "On the Road" and "Rust and Bone" will play.  That post is here:

And an interesting focus in a post from Ioncinema about three Israeli pictures thay could make the Cannes lineup.  Interesting because, as the author, Eithan Weitz, points out, Israel has had a pretty good track record of late with film at Cannes.  he mentions "The Band's Visit", "Waltz with Bashir" and "Footnote" all of which made noise at Cannes and then reappeared 3 1/2 months later in Telluride.  So you have to think that one of the three films he discusses has a decent shot at making the dual programs.

His post is here:

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