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Cannes/More Master News/Road Posters/Cosmo News/New TWC Acquisition

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Cannes announces its lineup in 16 days.  The Vancouver Sun has a post with continued speculation about what may play:

The TFF #39 possibles on The Sun's list: "Cosmopolis", "On the Road", "Amour", "Rust and Bone", "Something in the Air" and "Beyond the Hills".

In its disclaimer section (i.e. the films they don't think will play Cannes) they include John Hillcoat's "Lawless" (formerly "The Wettest County") and "The Master"  which leads to...


As you know, I am unabashedly breathless in anticipation for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" (or whatever it will be called...probably "The Master").  This past weekend saw the release of more information about the people involved in its making and speculation about its status. 

P.T. Anderson fan site Cigarettes and Red Vines had two interesting posts to those ends this week.  The first having to do with the fleshing out of cast and crew:

And then their own spec piece about where and when Harvey Weinstein will roll the film out including a pretty dismal assessment of its chances of playing in Telluride:

I tend to agree that the odds are not in favor of us seeing this in September in The Palm...but I think I am a little more optimistic than these peeps.  Seriously, if I was betting real  money...The New York Film Festival as its opener or closer would be where I put my dough.


Character posters continue to spring forth for Walter Salles "On the Road" which will, if it's a Cannes selection (and that seems likely) and is well received there is almost a lock for my first "Ten Bets for Telluride" list later this spring.

I have included the link to The Playlist post for the Adams, Moss, Braga posters here:


David Cronenberg's new film continues to be frequently mentioned as a Cannes probable and so I continue to include it in my speculation for TFF #39. 

This week, a teaser trailer and international poster for the film emerged.  I have included links to posts about that from The Playlist here:

and also from Awards Daily here:

I have to tell looks intriguing...

And finally...


As if The Weinstein Company didn't already have enough possible pokers to stick into the fire of fall festival/awards season ( "The Master", "Lawless" "Song for Marion", "Killing Them Softly" (formerly "Cogan's Trade"), "The Silver Linings Playbook" and "Django Unchained") comes news that TWC has acquired another nostalgic French period piece (sound familiar?).

"Populaires" is in Harvey's hands...what will he do with all of these?

"Populaires" stories are linked here from Thompson on Hollywood:

and from The Playlist:

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