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Cannes Lineup in the Can (Mostly)/Another Notch for Amour/More Posters for the Road/The Paperboy/Old Hands on the Croisette

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The announcement of the lineup for the 65th Cannes Film Festival came early Thursday morning as promised and included a number of films that we had been anticipating, including a good number that have a reasonably good Telluride pedigree. 

Again, the most likely films from the Cannes list for TFF #39 at least at this point seem to be:

Rust and Bone
Beyond the Hills
On the Road

Of course, almost anything that plays Cannes has some potential to play at T-ride as long as it hasn't had its North American premiere prior to Labor Day. 

I'll be interested to see how the above list changes depending on the reaction the films receive as they play out next month in France and which films that aren't currently on my Telluride watch list emerge as a result of their reception.

One other note, the Cannes Fest is likely to add a few more films to their selection in the run-up to the Fest...most likely in the Un Certain Regard section.  So stay tuned.


I have had this Michael Haneke project on my Telluride radar for more than a year.  Haneke has had a presence in Telluride's festival before and that was enough for me to believe that it could easily be a part of TFF #39.  Within the last week that conviction has grown stronger with the announcement of its inclusion in the competition at Cannes and just as telling the pre-Cannes announcement that the film had been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics.  I'm telling you that unless it's just not very good (poorly received critically in Cannes) it will be on the program in Telluride come Labor Day.  The Ioncinema post linked below says to flat out expect it.

Here are links to this past week's SPC announcement from The Playlist:

Thompson on Hollywood:

and Ioncinema:


Character posters have been doled out for Walter Salles "On the Road" for some time now, but Rope of Silicon has the latest couple and the earlier releases all in one place.  Check them here for a look at a film that has a reasonable chance of playing in Telluride:


Publicity stills are out for the Lee Daniels follow up to his very successful Sundance film Precious (did I mention Oscar winning?).  Daniels film is in competition at Cannes.  I don't have a real sense that it has a high likelihood of making the program for Telluride...but you never know.  Take a look at Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron via The Playlist.


And finally, The Hollywood Reporter has a photo essay about the Cannes veterans who are returning in some form or fashion for this year's 65th edition.  Check it here:

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