Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cannes in a Week/Rust & Bone Trailer

 A belated good morning!  Oklahoma State Speech Tournament got underway this it's been busy...


The official announcement from Cannes comes one week from today and the speculation is heating up about what could play in the south of France in May and consequently will also likely provide 6-10 titles for TFF #39.

Ioncinema has a post up this morning with 70 potential titles...
See that post here:

And again, a bunch of what I suspect are TFF possibles make their list including:

Beyond the Hills
Big House
On the Road
Rust and Bone
Something in the Air

I also have a "vibe" for Pablo Trapero's "White Elephant"  and Nick Cassavetes "Yellow".  Although the "yellow" vibe may simply be wishful thinking is it was partly shot in Oklahoma and I have a former student playing a cameo and that would be cool to see in Telluride in September.

Other Cannes possibles that are intriguing and that would make interesting Telluride choices, but are less likely to make the trip to the San Juans are Malick's "Funeral/Burial" and P.T. Anderson's "The Master".


I have thought for a good long time that Jacques Audiard's follow up to "A Prophet" has an excellent chance to duplicate that film's TFF appearance.  After looking at the trailer for "Rust and Bone" that was posted everywhere yesterday, I'm even more convinced that it"s a very good possibility.

Here's a description via The Playlist:

“Starring Marion Cotillard and "Bullhead" star Matthias Schoenaerts, the film, adapted from short stories by Canadian author Craig Davidson, follows the relationship between a homeless man (Schoenaerts) and a trainer of killer whales in a sea park (Cotillard) who loses her legs in a horrific accident.”

Additionally here are multiple links to posts that include the trailer:

The Playlist:

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Looks intriguing...

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