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More French Producers (Part Deux)/Considering Heli

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Today I continue looking at French production houses that have been Telluride players in the recent past and also look at those films that they have been a part of that could make the upcoming list of TFF #40 films.


Here are the films from France2 Cinema that have played Telluride in recent years:

2006: Indigenes
2009: A Prophet, Coco Before Chanel
2010: The Princess of Montpensier
2011: The Kid with a Bike
2012: Rust and Bone

As you can see, France2 has been a modest player and really only in the last four years.  Still, France2 has three films with some Telluride potential: "Blue is the Warmest Color", "Mood Indigo" and "The Great Beauty".

"Blue" has the best chance of playing T-ride.


France3 has had a larger profile than France2 at Telluride over the past few years:

2003: Dogville, The Tripletts of Belleville
2005: Lemming, Live and Become, Cache
2006: The Page Turner, Indigenes
2007: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Persepolis
2008: I've Loved You So Long
2009: The White Ribbon
2010: The Illusionist, The Princess of Montpensier, Of Gods and Men
2011: The Artist
2012: Superstar, Amour

So France3 is very consistently at Telluride with one or two films a year.  Their current crop has two suspects: "The Past" and "Grigris".  I think "The Past" is very likely and "Grigris" is a 50/50 shot to make the program.


Variety reported this past weekend that Amat Escalante's film "Heli" had won the top prize at the Munich Film Festival.  Up to that point I hadn't considered the film a likely Telluride prospect despite the face that it had played well in Cannes and Escalante had won Cannes' Best Director prize.  Further, the lineup of the films it outpaced to win in Munich include a number of high profile projects (some of which are sure to play in the San Juans come Labor Day): "The Past", "Blue is the Warmest Color" and "The Great Beauty" among them.

That isn't to say that it's a cinch to make the lineup.  The last Cannes Best Director prize winner to come to Telluride was in 2007 with Julian Schnabel's "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly".  Prior to that, however, past Cannes Best Director winners includes a bevy of individuals who have been a part of Telluride:

Werner Herzog, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Gus Van Sant, Michael Haneke, David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar, John Boorman, Mike Leigh, Wim Wenders, Martin Scorsese, Andrei Tarkovsky and Bertrand Tavernier.

With the Munich win, I think I've got to take Heli's chances of playing Telluride a lot more seriously.  Is it a "Ten Bets" film this week?  No, but it's a lot closer today than it was last Friday.

Here's the post from Variety:

And Heli's IMDb page:

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