Monday, July 22, 2013

More Llewyn Speculation/Another Theory/Pain for Payne/The Full Mandela

Good Monday from Lawton, OK.

Those that have read this blog in past summers recognize that greeting as for the 19th consecutive year I am co-ordinating the Advanced Division for Team Debate at Cameron University's Debate Camp.  I am literally here all week.

But that's not going to stop this blog.  Big week this week with Venice and Toronto announcing lineups.

Going to be fun!


You saw my post last Friday concerning Jeff Wells Telluride speculative piece on his website Hollywood Elsewhere.

He named four films he feels have strong chances to be at Telluride.  On that list: J.C. Chandor's "All is Lost", Paul Greengrass' "Captain Phillips", Abdellatif Kechiche's Cannes Palme d'Or winner "Blue is the Warmest Color" and the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis".

Now, I'd love to see any and all of them, but you know that I'm head over heels to see "Llewyn Davis".  It's close between it and "12 Weeks a Slave" as to which film is #1 on my Telluride wish list so the notion that it actually plays as part of the SHOW is intoxicating.

So I was thinking over the weekend and did some digging and there have been other hints that it might be possible.

Russ Fischer at SlashFilm posted on May 3rd that "There's always the chance that it will play Venice, Telluride or Toronto" and Kris Tapley wrote in his May 27 piece about the Coens and Cannes, "The film will likely travel to the Telluride and Toronto fests to stoke the flames..."

It seems to me that I've run across a couple of other websites that have implied the possibility of "Llewyn" showing at t-ride.  I'm still trying to track those down.

So, could this finally be the year that Telluride and the Coens merge?  Right now, I think it's a lot more likely right now than I did last week.  Is it a "Ten Bets" by the end of the week?  Maybe.


So, we still don't know this year's guest director.  A few weeks back, I posited that it might be "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner who was at Telluride's Hollywood party as some kind of guest of the festival back on June 4th.

Seems like a plausible theory but I've been asking myself, if it is Weiner...why no announcement?  So over the weekend...another theory.

This one goes like this...the festival is going to announce this week.  why?  They've been waiting so that during this high profile Venice/Toronto week that they have a big arrow in their quiver to fire that will guarantee that Telluride doesn't get forgotten in the wave of other festival news.

Pretty good theory, huh?

And as I was contemplating this new theory, it occurred to me that another reason to wait until this week would be that this year's Guest Director is BIG...I mean titanically  HUGE...That would also give announcing during the Venice/Toronto week more impact.  To that end, I'm not sure that Weiner is sufficiently "HUGE".  He would be a cool choice, but not gargantuan.  I could easily fall back to the original Weiner theory which was his feature "You Are Here" will be a part of the festival lineup.


If you're inclined, send me some suggestions...

I have some ideas...but they're really, really crazy.


Looks like Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" (#1 on my Ten Bets list) will be rated R when it is released on Nov. 22.  Payne lost an appeal of the rating before the MPAA last week.  The Hollywood Reporter has details:


We have already seen teaser for Justin Chadwick's "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom".  Toward the end of the week last week, we got a full trailer:

Here are a couple of posts about the trailer dropping:

The Playlist:


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