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12 Years Trailer/Schiller's 2fers/Judi and Philomena/The Hunt

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It dropped last night, the first trailer for Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave".  I have multiple links to stories with the trailer attached:


The Hollywood Reporter:


The Playlist:

Awards Daily:

The Wrap:

Rope of Silicon:


Friend of the blog Chris Schiller tweeted out an interesting thought this weekend.  He speculated on some possible TFF#40 "2fers".  People that might star in 2 films showing as a part of the SHOW.  Last year Mads Mikkelsen fit that bill being in both "A Royal Affair" and "The Hunt" (see below, by the way).

Schiller's tweet:

2fer predictions/hopes for #TFF40 Benedict Cumberbatch(THE FIFTH ESTATE, AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY) Tilda Swinton(THE ZERO THEOREM, ONLY LOVERS…)

So that got me to thinking, "what other '2fers' could pop up?" Not that they will or that I think that they will, but, you know, what could? Here's the list I came up with:

Michael Fassbender: "The Counselor' and "12 Years a Slave"
Joaquin Phoenix: "Her" and "The Immigrant"
Christian Bale: "Out of the Furnace" and "American Hustle"
Amy Adams: "American Hustle" and "Her"
Jeremy Renner: "American Hustle" and "The Immigrant"
Tom Hanks: "Captain Phillips" and "Saving Mr. Banks"
Matthew McConnaughey: "Dallas Buyers Club" and "The Wolf of Wall Street"
Daniel Bruhl: (actually a 3fer): "A Most Wanted Man", "Rush" and "The Fifth Estate"
Jean Dujardin; (also a 3fer): "The Monuments Men", "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Mobius"
George Clooney (kind of a 3fer): "The Monuments Men", "Gravity" and producing "August: Osage County"
And this note...Cumberbatch also a "3fer" as he appears in "12 Years a Slave".

Who else? Drop me a line if there are others that you can think of that are "2fers" or more!


The Weinstein Company has a crazy lineup of end of the year/awards season/high profile films in its basket:

"The Immigrant"
"August: Osage County"
"Grace of Monaco"
"Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom"
"The Butler"
"Only God Forgives" and others...

Perhaps the "smallest" of these is "Philomena" starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan of all people.

If you read this blog much, you know that I'm pretty high on the notion that James Gray's "The Immigrant" will make this year's program and if the TWC peeps are going to have a second film at TFF #40...this might be the one.

Over the weekend we began to see pictures from the film.  Both HitFix and Rope of Silicon posted.  Here are the links to those stories:



Why do I think that we could see this film over Labor Day?

I just have a feeling that the TWC train is going to have more than one pony at TFF this year.  Last year they were repped by "The Sapphires" and the 5 min. (or so) of "The Immigrant" that was a part of the Marion Cotillard tribute and though one TWC film is really the norm at TFF...again, I just have a feeling and "Philomena" is the film that's giving me the vibe.

Also, it's directed by Stephen Frears who has had films crop up at Telluride from time to time: "Tamara Drewe" "Sammie and Rosie Get Laid".  He was a 1987 TFF tributee as well.


Thomas Vinterberg's "The Hunt" opened in limited release last weekend.  I have linked interviews with Vinterberg and his star, TFF#39 tributee Mads Mikkelsen below:

Vinterberg from The New York Times:

Mikkelsen from IndieWire:

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