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Toronto Looming/Tapley's Musings

Good Tuesday.  The Toronto International Film Festival begins announcing its lineup today.  Consequently, MTFB will have a second post later today with some analysis as to what we learn form this morning's announcements.  By way of preparing you, below is a reminder that the overlap between Telluride and Toronto has been significant over recent years.


Films that played Telluride then Toronto from 2011 and 2012:

2012: (26 TFF films):
Ginger and Rosa
Paradise: Love
The Gatekeepers
At Any Price
Rust and Bone
Love, Marilyn
Midnight's Children
The Sapphires
The Central Park Five
The Hunt
A Royal Affair
Frances Ha
Stories We Tell
Hyde Park on Hudson
The Iceman
The Act of Killing
The Attack

Fully 22 films of Telluride's 26 plated in Toronto as well. (The exceptions: "Wadjda", "Piazza Fontana", "What is This Film Called Love?", "Superstar")

In 2011:

Le Havre
The Descendants
The Turin Horse
Forgiveness of Blood
The Artist
A Separation
Into the Abyss
In Darkness
The Kid with a Bike
Goodbye First Love
Albert Nobbs
The Story of Film
The Island President
A Dangerous Method
Crazy Horse
We Need to Talk About Kevin

21 of 28 films. (The exceptions: "George Harrison:Living in the Material World", "Perdida", Passerby", "Bitter Seeds", "The Way Home", "Target" and "Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel")

Going back 6 years you find 113 films have played at both the Telluride and Toronto out of the (appx.) 161 films that have played Telluride.  So that's about 70% of Telluride's lineup will be hiding in Toronto's announcement.

I'll have more in my second post later today.


Well, if you've never really thought that this blog was a particularly good informant regarding the Telluride lineup then there's good news for you.  Kris Tapley at HitFix/inContention posted his annual stab at what be in line for Telluride yesterday.  You can find that post here:


And it should get you revved up big time.  Among the interesting thoughts:

He's pretty high on the notion that we'll see The Coen Brothers "Inside Llewyn Davis", Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" and Jason Reitman's "Labor Day".  "Nebraska" and "Labor Day" have been ensconced on my "Ten Bets" list all summer.  This last few days has put some real shine on the notion that "Inside Llewyn Davis" is a serious consideration for T-ride.  Between Jeff Wells blurb at Hollywood Elsewhere over the weekend and now Tapley's comment that he has "a pretty good feeling we can anticipate the Coen Brothers first-ever Telluride appearance" the signs are pointing to that as a reality and that, my friends would be sweet. Fair warning, the Coens in Telluride  could cause me to become a blithering idiot...well more of a blithering idiot than normal.

I can say it, after this post from Mr. Tapley, "Llewyn" will  be on Friday's "Ten Bets"

He also seems fairly comfortable about Ralph Fiennes "The Invisible Woman" which I reported on a few weeks ago when the Daily Mail in England reported that it would be making the trip.  The other large shoe he drops is the potential (and he seems to have some confidence here) that "Captain Phillips" starring Tom Hanks has a real shot at T-ride.  That film is directed by Paul Greengrass.  That's also a stunner if it comes to pass.

Taplay also intrigues as he drops the nugget that the " Warner Brothers teams on "Gravity" and "Prisoners" are making the pilgrimage..." suggesting that there is a possibility that one or both films might make a play at Telluride, "Prisoners seems a little more likely to me as Tapley reminds us that director Denis Villeneuve played Telluride back in 2010 with "Incendies"...though I'd really love it if "Gravity" opened Venice and then "sneaked" a day or two late at Telluride.

Other films that he thinks are possibles but about which he doesn't seem as confident are: "12 Years a Slave""The Past", "The Lunchbox", "Blue is the Warmest Color", "Like Father Like Son", "Child's Pose", "Gloria", "Philomena", "Life Itself" and "The Immigrant".  There's also a glancing mention that "All is Lost" could make the trip to the San Juans.

No mention, though, of "The Counselor", "Dallas Buyers Club", "The Fifth Estate", "Foxcatcher", "The Zero Theorem", "Rush", "The Monuments Men", "American Hustle", Mandela"Long Walk to Freedom" or "The Wolf of Wall Street".  Seems about right, although I'm going to hold out hope for "Fifth Estate", "Counselor", "Foxcatcher" and "Dallas Buyer's Club".

Tapley also puts in a request for Herzog's "Aguirre: The Wrath of God" restoration...I'm high on its chances.

He, like me is more than dubious about our chances to "August: Osage County".

He also suggests a number of Tribute possibilities: The Coens, Bruce Dern, Judi Dench, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford and/or Kate Winslet. Tapley also suggests the possibility (as he did on Twitter over the weekend) that Roger Ebert might be posthumously awarded a Special Medallion.  That wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Take a look at the whole post...it'll make you breathe hard.  And, I really hope he's right.

This reminder: Venice announces Thursday...


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