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The Captain Gets a Poster/Coming Attractions: Cody and Haynes/No News Is???

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There has continued to be a steady, undiminished drumbeat among some of the film blogging smart set that Paul Green grass’s “Captain Phillips” will be in the Telluride lineup.  Actually, some even think that it’s possible that one of the Labor Day weekend tributes will be for Tom Hanks who stars as the eponymous Captain Phillips of the film.

News popped over the weekend that had released a new poster for the film.

You can find a related story for the poster release here from FirstShowing:

“Captain Phillips” IMDb page is here:


I haven’t done it for some time, but I do like to occasionally highlight film projects that are in their nascent stages that have what appears to me to be at least some Telluride potential for a year or two done the line.  To that end, I noted over the weekend the news of first pictures from Diablo Cody’s (Juno) directorial debut “Paradise”.   Here are a number of links to those pictures:

Thompson on Hollywood:

Rope of Silicon:

USA Today:

The Playlist:

Also emerging this weekend from The Playlist was a story that Todd Haynes (I’m Not There) is, perhaps on the brink of a new feature film project: “Act of God” and that the casting news was that Christian Bale, who has a couple of credits working with Haynes, is quite possibly lining up to play the lead in the film.  The project is fresh enough that it isn’t even listed at this point on Haynes IMDb Page.

Here’s the link to the story from The Playlist:


Well, part of Big theory #2 didn’t pan out at all.  If you were reading last week, you know that I floated a theory that the Telluride Film festival was going to announce this year’s Guest Director (which is way past the usual time frame for announcing) during the week last week in a bit of “counter-programming” while the Toronto and Venice Fests were announcing the bulk of their lineups (though Toronto will announce more titles and Venice could as well).

If you noticed, no announcement from Telluride…so…you know…poop.

On the other hand, the second part of the theory is still alive and well and that is that TFF #40 has kept the identity of this year’s Guest Director under wraps because it is someone very, very BIG.

A couple of readers of the blog over the past few days have suggested Francis Ford Coppola as a possibility.  I’d say that’s certainly in the ballpark.  Coppola was feted at the first TFF as one of the three original tributes.  He’d certainly fill the bill in terms of being someone BIG.  No doubt, his programming choices would be incredibly interesting.

Personally, I still have a different vibe.  No real reason.  I certainly have no inside dope on this topic but I continue to think that this year’s GD might come from either music or politics.  Like I said last week, I have some very crazy ideas…

If you have some crazy idea about the Guest Director…drop me a comment/email and share that.

But, as of this moment, we still don’t know and we’re staring right into the maw of August…very, very odd.

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