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"The Zog" Nears Completion/Brit Producers #2

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For months I've been reporting on the development and progress on the project to makeover The Hanley Pavilion in Town Park in Telluride so that it can be used as a tenth venue during the film festival.  The Telluride Daily Planet reported yesterday that the progress has been good and that the new "Werner Herzog Theater" (The Zog) is on target.

The story also dropped a couple of interesting items.  First, and perhaps most eye-catching was the revelation that "The Zog" will be mostly a "first come, first serve venue".  Festival co-director Julie Huntsinger is quoted in the article as saying that there will be no passholder distinction at "The Zog".  Huntsinger says in the story that the exception will be in the case of film premieres that occur at the new 750 seat facility.

Another interesting note is that, in addition to the extra fifth day of programming to celebrate the fests 40th anniversary, a special Wednesday afternoon "event" will be held to start the weekend.  The story doesn't give any clues as to what that "event" might be.

Here's the link to the complete Telluride Daily Planet story:



Yesterday I examined a couple of British production outfits that have been a part of the festival in the past.  Today I'll look at another: Film4.

FILM4 has been a fairly constant presence at Telluride over the past seven years:

2006: Deep Water
2007: When Did You Last See Your Father, Brick Lane
2008: Happy-Go-Lucky, Hunger, Slumdog Millionaire
2010: Another Year, Never Let Me Go
2011: Shame

Although Film4 wasn't represented in 2012, they do have a number of possible films in the barrel that could have Telluride potential including:

The John LeCarre adaptation "A Most Wanted Man"
Roger Michell's "Le Weekend"
Kevin Macdonald's "How I Live Now"
Cannes success "The Selfish Giant"
Ken Loach's "The Spirit of 45"
and Jonathan Glazer's "Under the Skin".

All but "A Most Wanted Man" have been addressed/assessed in this space recently ("Le Weekend" and "How I Live Now" were discussed in the "Usual Suspects" posts, "The Selfish Giant" in the Sundance Selects portion of U.S. distribution companies and "Spirit of '45" and "Under the Skin" in yesterday's UK Film Council breakdown).

"A Most Wanted Man" has no other Telluride indicators, so its status as a Telluride "potential" is limited.  Put it 20%.

There are other Brit Film Production houses that have some history with Telluride: Lipsync, See Saw, Film Four, but as of right now, these companies don't have films listed on IMDb that appear to be in position for TFF #40.

Tomorrow, we'll begin to take a look at the French film production houses that could be a part of this year's fest.


A number of outlets reported the last couple of days that a new film rendition of Kurt Vonnegut's classic "Slaughterhouse Five" might be in the works.

It's my favorite novel but I've always been a bit disappointed in the 1972 George Roy Hill film version.

The story came to light in the P.R. run up to the release of "Pacific Rim" as director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he had been batting the idea around with Universal and wanted to get Charlie Kaufman on board to write a new script based on the novel.

Now, I'm not as crazy about del Toro's work as a lot of people.  I am impressed with the visual style he brings to the screen, but otherwise I've never been blown away by his directing style.  Additionally, I'll be honest, I think "Pacific Rim" looks...um...silly.  I know, I know...but the Idris Elba "canceling the apocalypse" line...please.

What I do think is exciting about the del Toro tidbits is how he'll make Tralfamadore and the Tralfamadorians look.  That and his terrific notion to try to lure Kaufman to the project.  I can't think of a better-suited screen writer for the material than Charlie Kaufman.

There do seem to be obstacles, however.  Money and time being the principle issues.

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