Tuesday, September 5, 2017

TFF #44 Comes to a Close / Send Me Your Film Ratings


Reporting from the road home...

The 44th Telluride Film Festival came to a close last night.  I have to admit that I had a great time this weekend.

As I am headed home, I thought I'd share a few random thoughts

1) I have to thank the fest first for, again, accrediting me as a journalist.  That allowed some ease of access to films that was immeasurably useful.  The Fest doesn't have to do that but they have been kind enough to do so for a number of years now.

2) Thanks to so many of you that were kind enough to share that you do follow the blog.  It overwhelms me that anyone pays attention to what I write here but I'm glad that you do.  Also, there were a good number of faithful readers and new followers that I didn't get to run into and that makes me sad.  Keep in touch folks.

3) I really have to underscore my appreciation to all of you that responded to the appeal for my wife to meet Guillermo Del Toro.  I was stunned at how a number of people reached out with solid suggestions and sources to try to make that happen.  So many of you were rooting for us.  And thanks to Guillermo Del Toro himself who was beautifully gracious and warm when the moment did present itself.

4) I saw ten films during the weekend and liked most of them but I don't think I necessarily saw a great film.  Lots of good films though.  I'll have more on that later this week (Thursday).

Me and Oscar winner Barry Jenkins at The Palm 

5) The famous and beautiful...in addition to Del Toro I got to have a moment or two to renew my acquaintance with Oscar winner Barry Jenkins and spoke Saturday with the fantastic Richard Jenkins who I hope gets some notice from The Academy come Oscar time.

Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins at the Fox Searchlight Party Saturday night.

I also stood next to Rosamund Pike for a good long time Saturday night and restrained myself from injecting myself into her convo. But I kind of wanted to.

Telluride Film's Instagram from Sunday.  Lower right corner is me talking to the fab Sasha Stone of Awards Daily

6) Professional friends.  It was beyond fantastic to get a few moments to gab with friends that are true pros in the business of covering film.  They're people of been unfailingly kind and generous to me as I have tried to figure out what this blog is and should be.  Special shout outs to Sasha Stone/Awards Daily, Kris Tapley/Variety, Tomris Laffly/FSR and others, Mark Johnson/Awards Circuit.

7) Also thanks again to all the industry press pros that are taking part in this years Professional film ratings.  People that don't have to do that but who do.

8) Finally,a big thank you to my wife and brother who were my companions and shared the weekend with me.  They both made the logistics of the weekend much, much more manageable.

I'll have a nice post on Thursday that will focus on the critical reactions to the films that played TFF #44, my take on the ten films I saw and a rundown on MTFB's effectiveness for TFF#44.


As I write this on Monday evening, I've already received the first 10-12 sets of ratings from readers. Remember use a 0-5 scale and you can get that info to me in any of the ways listed below.

More on Thursday...

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