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Invitation/Moving Up, Down or Out/Artist Back Story

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Come and join me for a Michael's Telluride Film Blog get together called: "The Guide to the Ride; The Flow of the SHOW" on Friday, Sept. 2 from 5:00 to 5:30 PM in The River Club in Telluride. Larry and Mitzi Mallard of the Club will be our hosts and I am told that refreshments will be provided. The River Club is located at 550 Depot in Telluride. That's 4 blocks west of the Gondola station. Come by and say hello and we'll talk a little film.


The last 24 hours I have tumbled across claims for three films that they definitely will not be part of this year's Festival.

Variety had a story up that says that Walter Salles is still working on post production for "On the Road." There was some of Twitter traffic that suggested that was true and to scratch OTR from the Telluride possibles list. Will do.

I saw some where yesterday that "We Bought a Zoo" would not be doing any fest presentation this fall. Since we haven't seen it announced for Toronto, Venice or New York, about the only BIG possibility left had been's lower it's chances (which I had already set pretty low anyway).


Kristopher Tapley from was a-tweeting up a storm last night with Sasha Stone of Awards Daily about his best view of what will and won't play at Telluride. Kris is a good barometer as he is a full time journalist covering film and their awards season play. Further, Mr. Tapley will be in Telluride next week for the festival (as will Ms. Stone). And while Tapley isn't telling us that he knows the can bet he has a pretty good notion of what will and won't show at The SHOW. As you might expect...good news and bad news (and in some cases no news), depending on what you're hoping to see next weekend and the credibility you want to put in this.

First...what I think is the worst of the bad news. Tapley says flat out that "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"...not going to play next week. The tweet doesn't provide any reason...just says NO. That tweet also says "Iron Lady"...nope. Tapley says it's not ready.
Here's the tweet quoted directly:

"Out: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Iron Lady (not finished)... And who knows what else could pop up, but probably no "Way Back" surprise."

Grrrr. I was really high on the chance that TTTS would be in play. The "Iron Lady" news comes as no surprise.

But let's turn the table to the sunnier side of the street. Tapley says he has 6 films labeled as "Best Bets." I take that to mean that Mr. T is relatively certain that they will play. There's some joy to be had here if he's correct. Here's that Tweet quoted directly:

"Best bets for Telluride: Descendants, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Shame, Dangerous Method, Skin I Live In, Artist..."

I've got 4 of the 6 on the on this week's "Ten Bets" list (Descendants at #1, Artist at #3, Shame at #8 and Skin at #13). Further, I said earlier this week that if a Sundance film makes the Telluride list it would likely be "Martha Marcy"...

The real unexpected joy in that list for me would be David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method." Most of the way this summer I have just felt that Cronenberg would do Venice and Toronto...maybe New York, but that Telluride would be more that he was willing to put on his plate. Hope I'm wrong. Hope Mr. Tapley is right. Want to see it!

The there's Tapley's "wish list." What looks to be a series of films that he'd like to be there but has no real inside dope on. That's my interpretation of this list of 7 films. It's a good list. I second his motion. Here's that tweet quoted directly:

"Hoping for: Killer Joe, Ides of March, We Need To Talk About Kevin, George Harrison, Albert Nobbs, Carnage, The Lady..."

Of that list, and if you've been keeping up with this blog the last few months, you know that I feel pretty strongly about "Kevin" (#5 on my "Bets"). I've also expressed some sense that there's at least some chance for Scorsese's George Harrison" doc and Luc Beeson's "The Lady." Mostly that's been intuitive rather than information based.

I had been very high on the chances for "Albert Nobbs" until the news last week that Toronto was making its presentation there a bigger deal. So, though "Albert" isn't off my list of possibles, it's gone way, way down. I think "Carnage" is a no go since the announcement that it was opening the New York fest. William Friedken's "Killer Joe"...don't have a clue. No info, no feeling for it one way or the other.

I'd love, love, love for "The Ides of March" to show up in Telluride but my gut says that's not going to happen.

And finally, there are some films I've been tracking that Tapley doesn't mention at all. The Herzog doc, "Into the Abyss." Refn's "Drive" that Ioncinema was pretty certain would be at T-ride just like "Goodbye First Love." Tapley doesn't touch on "The Kid with a Bike," "Le Havre," "Dark Horse" or "Coriolanus." Nor does he mention The Weinstein's production of Madonna's "W.E." which he had on his "probable list" back on July 28.

Still, though, you look at all of the above and if we somehow manage to get half of them in the San Juans next'll be an outstanding festival.

Keeping my fingers crossed...


An intriguing tweet from Movie City News earlier this week about the "back story" for "The Artist." That's a film that I think we'll see next weekend. It's a film I want to see badly. I think to myself:
I can find out some dope about how the film came to be..."

So I click on the link and go to the..."Story"...not really a story, but very cool nonetheless. I won't spoil it. Kind of fun if you know that the film is set in Hollywood's silent film days...take a look here:

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