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Ten (or more) Bets/Tree of Life Musings/Deep Blue for You/W.E. Pic

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11 days...

I was in Telluride this past weekend for about 8 seconds.  I can report that they're already in the process of setting up for this year's festival.  We're getting closer...

And I can confidently announce that there will be a Michael's Telluride Film Blog shindig called: "The Guide to the Ride; The Flow of the SHOW" on Friday, Sept. 2 from 5:00 to 5:30 PM in The River Club.  Larry and Mitzi Mallard of the Club will be our hosts and I am told that refreshments will be provided.  The River Club is located at 550 Depot in Telluride.  That's 4 blocks west of the Gondola station.  Come by and say hello.


Last week's Bets:

1) The Descendants
2) Into the Abyss
3) The Artist
4) A Trip to the Moon
5) We Have to Talk About Kevin
6) Le Havre
7) Prohibition
8) Shame
9) Drive
10) The Kid with a Bike

Here's the "+"
11) Dark Horse
12) The Birds Upstairs
13) The Skin I Live In
14) The Lady
15) W.E.
16) The Ides of March
17) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
18) Albert Nobbs
19) Coriolanus
20) A Dangerous Method

This week's Bets:

1) The Descendants
2) Into the Abyss
3) The Artist
4) A Trip to the Moon
5) We Have to Talk About Kevin
6) Le Havre
7) Prohibition
8) Shame
9) Drive
10) The Birds Upstairs

Here's the "or more"
11) Goodbye First Love
12) Dark Horse
13) The Skin I Live In
14) The Kid with a Bike
15) The Lady
16) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
17) W.E.
18) Coriolanus

"A Dangerous Method" drops because of its addition to the New York Film Festival.  "Albert Nobbs" drops because it was announced as a "World" premiere for Toronto last week.  "The Ides of March" drops as I haven't seen any traction for the notion that it will play Telluride anywhere else.  All of them still COULD make TFF38...I'm just saying that their chances seem to me to be less than they were a week ago.


It seems that Sean Penn doesn't have a great deal of warmth toward "The Tree of Life."  Penn is reported to have been less than complimentary about the film over the weekend. 

"Tree" won this year's "Golden Palm" at Cannes and has some support as a possible Best Picture nominee for the Oscars.  And of course, I stalked the film mercilessly for a couple of years in this space.

You can access the Penn commentary from Kris Tapley at here:

And also from The New Yorker via Thompson on Hollywood here:


Rachel Weisz is a busy girl this fall.  One of her projects that we could see in 11 days is "The Deep Blue Sea" directed by Terence Davies.  The film is based on a Terence Rattigan play and also features Tom Hiddleston.

The Guardian has a substantial look at the film via The Daily Mubi here:

Deep Blue Sea's IMDb page is here:


And finally,
3 weeks ago, Kris Tapley at put up his first stab at sussing out the T-ride lineup.  Included as a very real possibility on that list was Madonna's sophomore directing effort "W.E."  I have been less inclined to believe that it and she will be in the San Juans...however...

I am reminded of how the festival played Bennett Miller's "Capote" in 2005 and then turned around and featured Douglas McGrath's "Infamous" the next year.  Two films that focused on much the same subject matter one year apart.

How does that relate?  Think of "W.E." as the counterpart to last year's "The King's Speech."  A lot of the story and characters are the same just like the "Capote/Infamous" situation from 2005-06.  So maybe...

Sasha Stone at AwardsDaily posted a new still from "W.E." this weekend.  Access it here:

W.E.'s IMDb page is here:

More on the morrow...


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