Tuesday, August 23, 2011

George and Martin/M x 4/Pitt Pitched for Moneyball/Bale and Malick

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I'm already relatively sure that Werner Herzog's death row doc "Into the Abyss" will be on the TFF #38 playlist in 10 days.  Another documentary that I think could pop up in Telluride is Martin Scorsese's doc about the life and music of the late, great George Harrison.  It's already booked for Toronto, but I think it's a real possibility for T-ride as Scorsese had a good deal of noise from his presentation last year of "A Letter to Elia." 

So I don't think it's beyond the real of possibility that we might have some chance to see this in Colorado. 

Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere has a brief story and a link to the trailer for the doc here:

The Playlist at IndieWire also has a story and link to the trailer as well as a pic or two here:

George and Martin's IMDb page is here:


Of the Sundance films this year that might follow the path that "An Education" blazed two years ago (from Park City to T-Ride) the one that seems to have the most heat and greatest chance is "Martha Marcy May Marlene."  A film that played to great acclaim at Sundance winning a directing award for Sean Durkin and earning raves for the acting of Elizabeth Olsen and John Hawkes.

Yesterday the interweb was all aquiver with material concerning the film...posters, trailers, etc.  In that we could have it as an offering in ten days I am passing on links to various and sundry of what was posted yesterday.

Awards Daily put up a good sized story and links which you can find here:

Yahoo Movies also with links to posters and the trailer:

Also you can find links from Entertainment Weekly here:

Martha's IMDb page is here:


I would be more than a little surprised to see "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt show up at the SHOW but because it was directed by Bennett Miller I can't rule it out completely.  And admittedly, I would enjoy seeing it in Southwest Colorado in a week and a half.

That being said, New York Magazine Online has a nifty story up about Pitt's willingness to go to bat for the unconventional baseball based true story.  You can find that story here:

Moneyball's IMDb page is here:


A lot of hoopla the last couple of days about Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life" and what co-star Sean Penn has had to say about the Cannes Palme D'Or winner.  As that has been going on, a good deal of other Malick related news has seeped out.

For example his latest (filmed partly here in Oklahoma and perhaps entitled "The Burial") may be ready for a 2012 release.  Although, I'm dubious as Malick has never been fast about post-production. 

Also news from several sources that Malick is looking ahead to his next project and has reportedly looked at casting one of his "New World" collaborators, Oscar winner Christian Bale.

Get the Big Picture.com has that story here:

Also another version of that story and the blurb about "The Burial" from Rope of Silicon here:

Malick's IMDb page is here:

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