Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ralph Gets a Trailer/Contagion Contagious/Carey Talks/On Broadway

Well, not so much waiting now...choices...

The Telluride Film Festival starts in 23 days!


Coriolanus: Oscar bait for Fiennes and Redgrave?

One of The Weinstein Company's films that I have thought has at least some possibility of playing at Telluride is the directing debut of English actor Ralph Fiennes.  He has undertaken an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus."  It's not a play that gets many productions...maybe this film will change that.  And here's why I say that.  The TWC people have a Coriolanus trailer out for the Brits and has it up on their site.  It looks fantastic! 

Up to now I've been moderately interested in seeing what Fiennes had up his sleeve.  Additionally, there has already been some Best Supporting Actress buzz for Vanessa Redgrave who appears as Coriolanus' mother (the title role also played by Mr. Fiennes).  well, after looking at the trailer, I am more than moderately I am really hoping that it shows up in Telluride in three weeks.

Have a look at the FirstShowing story and the "Coriolanus" trailer here:

The Coriolanus IMDb page:


A blitz of "Contagion" (dir. Steven Soderbergh) material has been hitting the last few days.  Individual character posters and some TV clips as the opening (Sept. 9) approaches.  Admittedly, I think that "Contagion" is an unlikely entrant for the Telluride program but stranger things have happened.  that being said, here are some "Contagion" links for you to enjoy:

Links to two TV spots for the film via The Playlist at IndieWire:

And a link to The Playlist again with a view of  the character posters that are out for the film:

Contagion IMDb page:


Carey Mulligan (An Education, Never Let Me Go) has made a habit of being in Telluride the last two years.  this year she could (and I feel like will) make it a third straight year with either "Drive" or "Shame" or both.

Hit Fix has put up a lengthy interview with the British sprite focused primarily o n Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive."  You can find that interview here:

I currently have "Drive" at #8 on the Ten Bets list and "Shame" at #9.

Drive's IMDb page:

Shame's IMDb page:


Colin Firth at last year's Labor Day Picnic in Telluride

Word all over the internet the past 48 hours of a tidbit that has been expected for some time...2010 Best Picture Oscar winner and Telluride #37 presentation "The King's Speech" will be coming to Broadway in play form in a little more than a year if all goes according to plan.

TKS was originally conceived by author David Seidler as a play but, of course, became the four time Oscar winning film last year that serves as the centerpiece of Telluride's tribute to Best Actor winner Colin Firth.

Now Seidler's original intent appears to be on the road to being fulfilled.  I have included a link to The Hollywood News' version of the story:

 More on the morrow... (sounds very "Coriolanus-y" doesn't it?)

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