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Future Festival Films?/Pix of Possibles/More Le Havre/TTSS



It's become a habit of mine to start to try to identify possible TFF films as far out as possible.  Sometimes I miss (The Tree of Life).  Sometimes I hit (Black Swan).  In that tradition I have been tracking the progress this summer of a few films that look like they would at least be a consideration for inclusion at TFF #39 or #40.

One of these is Danny Boyle's "Trance" which has had some interesting casting bumps this summer in terms of one of the male leads.  First it was supposed to be Michael Fassbender, then Colin Firth and currently Vincent Cassel.  And actually, any of those fellows would probably strengthen the chances of the film getting picked up for Telluride.  The other male lead also does no harm to the film's Telluride profile.  That's James McAvoy.

Now comes word of the casting of Rosario Dawson from The Playlist.  You can find the link to that story here:

I wouldn't expect to see "Trance" until TFF#40.

Trance's IMDb page:

Also on the horizon is news of a new film that could have some Telluride potential next year.  It's called "Darling Companion" and both Ioncinema and The Hollywood Reporter have tidbits about it.

An ensemble piece from Lawrence Kasdan featuring Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline, Richard Jenkins and Sam Shepherd among others, "Darling Companion" is under the auspices domestically of Sony Pictures Classics.

The Ioncinema story (with a synopsis) is here:

The Hollywood Reporter version of the story is here:


A slew of Telluride film possibles have been flooding the internet and news outlets with stills of their wares.  I thought I'd pass some of those along this morning.

"Drive" starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan (and implied as a lock for Telluride by Ioncinema) has a new poster out now.  It (not surprisingly) features Mr. Gosling.

Drive's IMDb page:

Also from Rope of Silicon, new pictures from the set of Ralph Fiennes directorial debut "Coriolanus."  Here's a teaser. 

Check out the full story at:

Coriolanus' IMDb page:

The Playlist dropped some beautiful photos from Madonna's directing debut as well.  "W.E." tells the story of Wallace Simpson and Prince Edward (the King who abdicated in England that made "The King's Speech" possible).

Again a teaser:

The whole post with more pix can be found here:

W.E.'s IMDb page:


 "Le Havre" is a film that I have been thinking could/would be on this year's Telluride playlist since it debuted at Canes in May.  Last week's announcement that it had been picked up by Janus Films only strengthened my belief that we'll see it in the Rockies in four and a half weeks. 

In the midst of the news it was being picked up came a tweet from Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood) that she believed that it is to be the first of a trilogy from director/writer Aki Kaurismaki.  That would be interesting by itself and it also would be interesting to see if the rest of the string of films might also make their way to Cannes and then T-ride.  We'll have to wait and see.

Here's the text of the Thompson tweet:
"Me too @GuyLodge Surprised that SPC didn't go for it. Apparently 1st of trilogy: wouldn't be surprised if Aki adopts different tone for next."

Le Havre's IMDb page:


Soooo..."Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"...not in Toronto...not the opener for The New York Film Festival (Roman Polanski's "Carnage" is).  There is a good deal a speculation that it might close the NYFF.  (There's also speculation that the closing spot might go to Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar).

Personally, I think that this is one instance where a film's absence from Toronto increase it's chances of being in Telluride's program.  Jeff wells at Hollywood Elsewhere isn't ruling that out.

See here:

I would love to see Gary Oldman kick his Oscar campaign off on Colorado Ave.  (Do I smell a tribute possibility here?)

TTSS's IMDb page:

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Jessica said...

Isn't there still a huge possibility that it will be at TIFF?

Michael said...

Jessica...of course there is a possibility that it could still be announced for TIFF. I'm just guessing that it's unlikely. Interestingly, however, Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere seems to me thinking along the same lines. Check this post of his and the comments section:http://hollywood-elsewhere.com/2011/08/eliminations.php