Saturday, August 13, 2011

Opposing Drives/Looking at Tinker/Descendants Look/Thompson on Coriolanus

Good Morning America...and all the ships at sea!

Friday was a really interesting day.  A nice little bit of badinage with Sasha Stone of Awards Daily and a note that Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere has added me as a follower on Twitter.  Freaking out a little.

Also finished the first (and largest step) of a big, BIG summer project.

So all in all, a really nice day.  Now some film stuff...


I have high hopes that I have been reading the tea leaves correctly and that Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive" will unspool (a term that doesn't make sense in an age of digital film) in Telluride in less than three weeks.

I was lukewarm about it as I read descriptions coming out of Cannes in May (very good notices) but really came around after seeing the trailer.  Now I think it might have a shot to be one of the two or three best films of the year.  So hopes and expectations are high.

Yesterday, via different film sites, we got 2 views of differing posters for the film.  From Awards Daily this view of the "drive" poster for the U.K.

From this view of the official U.S. poster:

Personally I prefer the U.S. version.

"Drive" stars Ryan Gosling (as you can clearly see in the posters), Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks (Oscar buzz) and Ron Perlman (who I swear I saw in Telluride the first time I was there for the film fest in 2006).

Drive's IMDb page:


Another film I have a vibe for and that I am crossing my fingers for is Tomas Alfredson's spy thriller/existential meditation "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" from the John LeCarre novel and featuring Gary Oldman (Oscar buzz), Colin Firth (Oscar buzz), John Hurt, Mark Strong and Toby Jones.  Next week's announcement from the New York Film Fest about its closing film may tell us about TTSS' chances of actually being in the San Juans.  Again, I'm hoping...

The Playlist (at IndieWire) has a post up with a discussion of clips from the film.  They seem positively giddy with what they've seen.  That whets my appetite even more.

Here's the link to The Playlist's story:

Tinker's IMDb page:


It's no secret that I'm 99.99% certain that Alexander Payne's "The Descendants" starring George Clooney will be in Telluride...the film...Clooney?...who knows.

This is also a film I am very high on and I've had it on the Telluride radar for more than a year.  Good buzz on it from some insider types has also built my anticipation.

Again, The Playlist was up this weekend with a new post and a new still from the film.  The post also has a good description via the press info out from the Toronto fest where it will also play after T-ride ( as well as a mention that they "won't be surprised" if it is headed to Telluride...go with that, I say).

Here's The Playlist story:

The Descendant's IMDb page:

BTW... for those interested...The Playlist also has a couple of new posts up this weekend about "Carnage" and "My Week with Marilyn" both of which I have virtually dropped from serious Telluride consideration because of their positions in the New York Film Festival.

And Playlist...I'm still available...


Anne Thompson is one of my favorite film bloggers (Thompson on Hollywood/IndieWire).  I had a chance to meet and talk with her briefly two years ago at Telluride #36.  She was very kind. 

Last year she went to Venice and missed Telluride #37 but I hear that she's returning to southwest Colorado this year and I say "Yea!"

Yesterday Thompson posted an informative piece about the initial reactions from those who have seen Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus."  Suffice it to say that the early buzz is very good (Vanessa Redgrave-Oscar buzz).
I have seen the trailer for the film and as a result I am extremely hopeful ends up on the TFF#38 playbill.  You can link to the trailer if you'll look at my Aug. 10th post of this blog. 

The Thompson story is here:

Coriolanus IMDb page:


News out of Hollywood the last 24 hours that really doesn't have Telluride implications but that I find interesting:

Disney has apparently pulled the plug on the Johnny Depp/Lone Ranger project...that's all over the

And the announcement that Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) has grabbed the option to adapt and direct the new Stephen King novel "11-22-63."  This combination of material and auteur intrigues me.

The novel is out in November for us mere mortals and centers on time travel and the attempt to re-write history.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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