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Ten Bets #4/40,000/Friends/You're Invited/Animation

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A late start today...actually slept til 8am...


My fourth "gamble" of the summer on what I think are the most likely films to play on Telluride's 39th program used a bit more science/math this week.  Usually my "Ten Bets" is all intuition based on the bits and pieces on info I've stumbled upon in addition to the consideration of some "T-ride guidelines" which may...or may not...have some validity.  This week I sat down and really spent some time collating the "guideline" data in a specific way and used it to formulate this week's "Ten Bets".  So here we go (you won't be surprised to see that the new, "more intensively collated" method didn't change much).

Last week's Ten Bets:

1) Amour
2) Rust and Bone
3) Beyond the Hills
4) Hyde Park on Hudson
5) Something in the Air
6) No
7) Song for Marion
8) On the Road
9) The Central Park Five
10) Serge Bromberg's Charlie Chaplin Project

This week's Ten Bets:

1) Amour
2) Rust and Bone
3) Beyond the Hills
4) On the Road
5) Something in the Air
6) The Central Park Five
7) Serge Bromberg's Charlie Chaplin Project
8) Hyde Park on Hudson
9) Like Someone in Love
10) No

"Song for Marion" drops to #11 this week, but I still feel pretty good about it playing.  Abbas Kiraostami's "Like Someone in Love" makes the list.  Others that I'm warmish on this week include: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", "The Sapphires", "The Angel's Share", "The East"and "Midnight's Children".  I have also reconsidered Chan-wook Park's "Stoker" and think it may have a chance at Telluride.


The blog blew past its 40,000th view this morning.  That seems like a lot to me but I have a friend with a blog/website that's tied to books he writes who recently invited me to write film commentary from time to time.  As a part of our back and forth, he mentioned that he gets about 30,000 views a month...

Guess I have a way to go...

Check out my friend's website:


Speaking of friends I saw a tweet from friend of the blog John Rhodes yesterday about being in Telluride last year.  Here's the tweet and the link to John's blog post:

Telluride Film Festival – “The Story of Film: An Odyssey”: Last night in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, I... 

John is like a lot of people I have tumbled across doing this whole "Telluride" thing..we've emailed/tweeted a bit, but we have yet to actually meet.  I'm hoping to correct that this year....which reminds me...


For the second consecutive year The River Club will be hosting "The Guide to the Ride-The Flow of the Show".  It's my meandering attempt to talk about what we'll all be offered during the weekend film-wise and any and all things blog related.  Last year I had a terrific time getting to meet so many people who are kind enough to look at the thing.  I hope the response is as good this year.

We are tentatively planning to start at 5pm at The River Club (550 Depot in T-ride).  I anticipate our hosts, Larry and Mitzi Mallard will again offer snacks and beverages.

We may have a special guest or two...or maybe not...we're working on that.  Please come.


From its very beginning with Chuck Jones a large part of the Telluride Film Festival, animated films have been included in the lineup and that tradition has carried on into recent fests with films such as "The Illusionist", "Chico and Rita" and "Waltz with Bashir" so I'm always looking for what might pop at T-ride from that part of film making and this year it could be french animated feature "Ernest and Celestine".  InContention/HitFix's Guy Lodge caught the film at Cannes and posted this:

"E & C's" IMDb page is here:

This wouldn't surprise me as a TFF #39 choice.

More later...

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