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I'm Back!/Odds and Ends/More Lists/Oscar at Midpoint

Good Thursday!


Confirmation came yesterday afternoon that I/The Blog have been accredited as an honest to God "journalist" for the 39th Telluride Film Festival.  This is my second year to get the yellow lanyard that comes with accreditation.

This year I was able to get confirmation a full month earlier than last year.  It will be interesting to see if that makes some difference.  I felt like last year that I might have missed out on some material from the fest and from distributors because of the late accreditation.

Also,last year,  there were no party maybe that changes this year.  Fingers crossed!


As I get to the end of this week, I'm winding down the comprehensive look at distributors and producers that have had recent connections to the Telluride Fest and if that portends anything for 2012.  Today I'm taking a look at peripheral players and their connections...

Like Lipsync Productions (UK)
2011: Shame, We Need to Talk About Kevin
2010: The First Grader
2009: Red Riding Trilogy

2012 possibles: Now Is Good, Great Expectations

Pathe (Fr)
2010: 127 Hours, The Illusionist
2009: Farewell

2012 possibles: Nous York, David and Madame Hansen

CineCinema (Fr)
2011: Goodbye First Love, Le Harve, The Artist, The Kid with a Bike
2010: The Princess of Montpensier, Of Gods and Men, The Illusionist
2009: Farewell, Inferno, A Prophet, Coco Before Chanel
2007: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

2012 possible: An Open Heart

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenberg (De)
2011; Goodbye First Love, The Turin Horse, In Darkness
2010; Le Quattro Volte
2008: Waltz with Bashir, Flame and Citron

2012 possible: Holy Motors

Paramount Vantage (US)
2007: There Will Be Blood, Into the Wild, Margot at the Wedding
2006: Babel

2012 possible (yes, after all this time) Not Fade Away


A couple of the film bloggers I tend to obsess over have posted their lists of 20-25 films they're hot for that are expected by the end of the year.  You might enjoy a look at them.

Among this list of 20 are included Telluride possibles such as: "Argo", "The Master" and "Life of Pi"

Rope of Silicon:

Among this list of 25 are included Telluride possibles such as: "Gambit", "The Silver Linings Playbook", "The Sessions" (come on programmers!), "Life of Pi", "Zero Dark Thirty", "Argo", "The Master", "Anna Karenina" and "Seven Psychopaths".

Of course there is mention of the BIG DOGS that are unlikely Telluride Selections: "Lincoln", "Cloud Atlas", "Les Miserables", "The Great Gatsby" and "Django Unchained".


Mark Harris and Zach Baron/Grantland Oscarmetrics takes a look at where the Oscar race might be half way through the year.  Take a look:

more later...

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