Monday, July 30, 2012

Ten Bets #6/Invitation/Master Chances/Redford???

Good Monday on the road to California!

The CEO (Bob)  and I (Bing) are visiting the Golden State for a few days.  Going to see family and friends and a site or two.  I'll be blogging, though it may not be quite as involved as it would be if I weren't this cose to the beach!


Last week's Ten Bets:

1) Amour
2) Rust and Bone
3) Beyond the Hills
4) On the Road
5) Midnight's Children
6) The Central Park Five
7) Bromberg's Chaplin
8) Hyde Park on Hudson
9) Like Someone in Love
10) Something in the Air

This week's Ten Bets:

1) Amour
2) Rust and Bone
3) Midnight's Children
4) On the Road
5) Beyond the Hills
6) The Central Park Five
7) Bromberg's Chaplin
8) Hyde Park on Hudson
9) The Reluctant Fundamentalist
10) Hannah Arendt

Still solidly in the mix: "No", Something in the Air", "Song for Marion".  This past week saw the eruption of rumor that "Cloud Atlas" and "The Master" are still possibilities fro Telluride.


Another reminder to join me at The River Club on Friday, Aug. 31 at 5:00PM for the Second Annual "Guide to the Ride; Flow of the SHOW".  Last year was a lot of fun and we're going to try our level best to have a great time again this year.  So, come, enjoy.  We may have a special guest or two...we're trying anyway.


As I'm sure you're aware, the announcement of lineups for Tornoto's Galas and Venice last week both did NOT have Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" raising my hopes and some speculation that the film will make the trip to the San Juans for Labor Day.

The LA Times included T-ride in their "what's going to happen with "The Master" article here:,0,5710653.story

Eugene Novikov of Film Blather also tweeted the possibility:

"THE MASTER's release date shift increases the odds of a Telluride appearance, though reduces the gobsmacking awesomeness of that happening."

Regular readers will have discerned that the increased possibility is likely to make me pass out...


And finally, The Salt Lake City Tribune suggest Robert Redford might have his latest "The Company You Keep" make a stop in Telluride as well...I say "bring it on"!  Here's that link:

More later...from California!

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