Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Master Disaster/Guessing Telluride/Invitation

Good Monday from San Diego!

Here's where I was (at least early) yesterday!

Slide Rock Canyon north of Sedona, AZ.


It was a roller coaster day yesterday.  I'm on the road...literally driving from Flagstaff, AZ. to San Diego, CA. yesterday...while catching the occasional tweet at gas stops and at lunch...

And so as the day evolved, I got the news that "The Master" WILL play Venice after all...despite not being announced last week and even reported denials that it would...

As you know, I have often pointed out that Venice and Telluride have little overlap...so  this probably means the death knell for its Telluride chances...which had begun to look somewhat promising in light of the lack of the film on Venice's list nor Toronto's.

Then late yesterday the word that IT WILL PLAY TORONTO TOO!

Now virtually every pundit that plays this game has agreed that Telluride is a non-starter...and they're very likely right...but...the addition of Toronto dates actually gives me a bit of hope...what few films that do make the Venice to Telluride run generally play Toronto as well...so maybe...

And then there has been a good deal of discussion that part of the Venice/Toronto sluggishness in announcing has been the result of Anderson's desire to present it in the 70mm format he shot it in.  Some commenters think that, too, could complicate it's possibility of Telluride.  But The Playlist points out (and an MTFB reader confirms) that Telluride can actually and has shown 70mm in the past...so...

Finally, there's also a lot of talk about the impossibility of dates and doubt about simultaneous play dates and locations of Anderson, Phoenix, Hoffman etc.  I'm not all that sure that is really much of an impediment.  If everyone wants it to happen in all three locales, I'm pretty sure that all involved could find a way to make it happen.  And I really do think Harvey Weinstein likes to have his big pony in the San Juans...

I'm saying, yes, "The Master" is probably not going to play T-ride...but all hope is NOT lost.


I do this "guessing" Telluride thing for about 6 months of the year and then do awards season in the context of those films that do play Telluride the other 6 months of the year.  But now, with only a month left to some of the serious peeps in the business of film blogging are casting their   Kris Tapley of HitFix/InContention is among the very best and he has his Telluride prognostication post (along with Oscar spec).  You can find it here:

Highlights of his prognostications include his feel that "Rust and Bone" "No" and "Amour" all have a good shot..as have I.

He also have a vibe for "The Silver Linings Playbook"...I agree and Tapley suggests Dustin Hoffman's directorial debut "Quartet" which would thrill me...I'd love nothing more than to see Hoffman on Colorado Ave.  But I have reservations that it's likely to occur.

Tapley also goes with "Midnight's Children" and Matteo Garrone's "Reality" as likely to show in addition to "Hyde Park on Hudson".  I'm pretty high on MC and "Hyde Park" being there, less so about "Reality".

And finally, Tapley has one big surprise guess, and he admits it really is just a hunch...that Robert Lorenz's "Trouble with the Curve" appears along with Mr. Eastwood.  That would be incredible!

Finally, as a way of comparing...look at Mr. Tapley's prediction for last year's fest:

You'll find that he was 5 of 7 on films he called "likely" and 3 of 4 on "Quite Possible".  He was also very good at what wouldn't be playing.


To the Second "Guide to the Ride, Flow of the Show" at 5PM on Friday, Aug. 31 at The River Club (550 Depot) in Telluride.  We'll talk about the festival and film and have a refreshment or two!

More later...

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