Monday, April 30, 2012

Pictures and Buzz/New Cannes

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Several Telluride contenders had new images up this week from what I think is almost a sure thing: "Rust and Bone" to the less likely: "The We and the I" and "The Life of Pi" to the flatly improbable (but it'd be cool): "Django Unchained".  Here are links to those posts and images starting with the most likely...


New pics for this Jacques Audiard film from The Playlist and if you haven't looked at the international trailer or

Frankly, I think Ms. Cotillard is lined up for another Oscar nomination based on the trailer alone.

New pics are linked here:

Links to the trailer are here:

The Playlist:

Thompson on Hollywood:

Rope of Silicon:


Ang Lee's new film created a lot of buzz this week at its CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas.  Check out this story from the LA Times 24 Frames blog:

Also look at this post from

Why is it a Telluride possible?

1) Ang Lee has a T-ride history: "Brokeback Mountain" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".
2) 20th Century Fox wants to position it for Oscar
3) Telluride's recent past has had Fox 2000 and 20th Century Fox films in Telluride: "The Descendants", "Never Let Me Go". "127 Hours", and "Black Swan".
4) The release date is set in December...


Michel Gondry's new film could also play in Telluride, though I think it's less likely than "Life of Pi".
The Playlist also had a post and image from the film posted this week here:

Gondry has been in Telluride before in 2004 with a special presentation of his work to the point hosted by Elvis Mitchell.  His new film is also a Cannes selection in the Director's Fortnight category.  That is not a usual locus for films that play Cannes and then go on to Telluride, however.


OK...this falls into the category of "Won't be in Telluride but wouldn't it be cool if it was?".  The first couple of stills from Tarantino's next project which is also due to hit theaters in December.  Check the post out at The Playlist:


Meanwhile, just this morning the 65th Cannes Film Festival has added 7 new titles to various programs none of which appear to be particularly likely to end up in Telluride in September.  Take a look at the announced films from The Hollywood Reporter here:

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Cannes Announcements

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Cannes Jury

The jury for the 65th Cannes Film Festival has been named and includes some familiar faces not the least of which is recent Telluride regular and recent Oscar winner Alexander Payne.  Payne's presence again underscores the web of connections between the French fest and the one that takes place in Colorado on Labor Day.

Here from HitFix is the entire Cannes competition jury:

Critic's Week and Director's Fortnight:

The lineup for these special portions of the Cannes program were also announced this week.  The Daily Mubi has the Critic's Week lineup here:

The Director's Fortnight loneup is here from The Playlist:

Other  films in and looking

There's some buzz that a Sean Penn film may still be announced as a part of the Cannes lineup.  That stems from a purported tweet from Cannes head man Thierry Fremaux.  That story is here from The Playlist:

Looking with anticipation...

Finally, Guy Lodge of InContention/HitFix looks at his ten most anticipated Cannes titles:

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cannes Lineup in the Can (Mostly)/Another Notch for Amour/More Posters for the Road/The Paperboy/Old Hands on the Croisette

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The announcement of the lineup for the 65th Cannes Film Festival came early Thursday morning as promised and included a number of films that we had been anticipating, including a good number that have a reasonably good Telluride pedigree. 

Again, the most likely films from the Cannes list for TFF #39 at least at this point seem to be:

Rust and Bone
Beyond the Hills
On the Road

Of course, almost anything that plays Cannes has some potential to play at T-ride as long as it hasn't had its North American premiere prior to Labor Day. 

I'll be interested to see how the above list changes depending on the reaction the films receive as they play out next month in France and which films that aren't currently on my Telluride watch list emerge as a result of their reception.

One other note, the Cannes Fest is likely to add a few more films to their selection in the run-up to the Fest...most likely in the Un Certain Regard section.  So stay tuned.


I have had this Michael Haneke project on my Telluride radar for more than a year.  Haneke has had a presence in Telluride's festival before and that was enough for me to believe that it could easily be a part of TFF #39.  Within the last week that conviction has grown stronger with the announcement of its inclusion in the competition at Cannes and just as telling the pre-Cannes announcement that the film had been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics.  I'm telling you that unless it's just not very good (poorly received critically in Cannes) it will be on the program in Telluride come Labor Day.  The Ioncinema post linked below says to flat out expect it.

Here are links to this past week's SPC announcement from The Playlist:

Thompson on Hollywood:

and Ioncinema:


Character posters have been doled out for Walter Salles "On the Road" for some time now, but Rope of Silicon has the latest couple and the earlier releases all in one place.  Check them here for a look at a film that has a reasonable chance of playing in Telluride:


Publicity stills are out for the Lee Daniels follow up to his very successful Sundance film Precious (did I mention Oscar winning?).  Daniels film is in competition at Cannes.  I don't have a real sense that it has a high likelihood of making the program for Telluride...but you never know.  Take a look at Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron via The Playlist.


And finally, The Hollywood Reporter has a photo essay about the Cannes veterans who are returning in some form or fashion for this year's 65th edition.  Check it here:

More later...

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


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The 65th Cannes Film Festival has announced their official selections this morning.  Here they are via The Playlist:

In Competition:
"Amour" (dir. Michael Haneke)
"The Angel's Share" (dir. Ken Loach)
"Baad EL Mawkeaa (Apres La Bataille") (dir. Yousry Nasrallah)
"Beyond The Hills" (dir. Cristian Mungiu)
"Cosmopolis" (dir. David Cronenberg)
"Holy Motors" (dir. Leos Carax)
"The Hunt" (dir. Thomas Vinterberg)
"In Another Country" (dir. Hong Sang-Soo)
"Im Nebels (Dans La Brume)" (dir. Sergei Loznitsa)
"Killing Them Softly" (dir. Andrew Dominik)
"Lawless" (dir. John Hillcoat)
"Like Someone In Love" (dir. Abbas Kiarostami)
"Moonrise Kingdom" (dir. Wes Anderson)
"Mud" (dir. Jeff Nichols)
"On The Road" (dir. Walter Salles)
"Paradies: Liebe" (dir. Ulrich Seidl)
"The Paperboy" (dir. Lee Daniels)
"Post Tenebras Lux" (dir. Carlos Reygadas)
"Reality" (dir. Matteo Garrone)
"Rust & Bone" (dir. Jacques Audiard)
"Taste Of Money" (dir. Im Sang-Soo)
"Vous N'Avez Encoure Rien Vu" (dir. Alain Resnais)

Opening Film:
"Moonrise Kingdom" (dir. Wes Anderson)

Closing Film:
"Therese D." (dir. Claude Miller)

Un Certain Regard:
"Miss Lovely" (dir. Ashim Ahluwalia)
"La Playa" (dir. Juan Andres Arango)
"Les Chevaus De Dieu" (dir. Nabil Ayouch)
"Trois Mondes" (dir. Catheron Corsini)
"Antiviral" (dir. Brandon Cronenberg)
"7 Days In Havana" (dir. Benicio Del Toro, Laurent Cantet, Gaspar Noe etc)
"Le Grand Soir" (dir. Benoit Delepine & Gustave Kervern)
"Laurence Anyways" (dir. Xavier Dolan)
"Despues De Lucia" (dir. Michel Franco)
"Aimer A Perdre La Raison" (dir. Joachim Lafosse)
"Mystery" (dir. Lou Ye)
"Student" (dir. Darezhan Omirbayev)
"La Pirogue" (dir. Moussa Toure)
"Elefante Blanco" (dir. Pablo Trapero)
"Confession Of A Child Of The Century" (dir. Sylvie Verheyde)
"11.25: The Day He Chose His Own Fate" (dir. Koji Wakamatsu)
"Beasts Of The Southern Wild" (dir. Benh Zeitlin)

Out of Competition
"Une Journee Particuliere" (dir. Gilles Jacob and Samuel Faure)
"Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" (dir. Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath)
"Dario Argento's Dracula" (dir. Dario Argento)
"Io E Te" (dir. Bernardo Berolucci)
"Hemingway & Gellhorn" (Dir. Philip Kaufman)
"Ai To Makoto" (dir. Takashi Miike)

Special Screening:
"Der Mull Im Garten Eden" (dir. Faith Akin)
"Mekong Hotel" (dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul)
"Villegas" (dir. Gonzalo Tobal)
"A Musica Segundo Tom Jobim" (dir. Nelson Pereira Do Santos)
"Journal De France" (dir. Claudine Nougaret & Raymond Depardon)
"Les Invisbles" (dir. Sebastien Lifshitz)
"The Central Park Five" (dir. Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David McMahon)
"Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir" (dir. Laurent Bouzereau)

The complete Playlist post is here:

Of particular note for Telluride watchers was the inclusion in the competition category of:
Amour, Beyond the Hills, Cosmopolis, On the Road, Rust and Bone and Reality (previously titled Big House).  Each of these films has a number of factors that suggest that they might be a possibility for TFF #39, not the least of which is being chosen by Cannes.

There are also usually some of the Un Certain Regard selections that make the trip to Telluride as well.  I think the only film in that category out of the running is "Beasts of the Southern Wild" as it premiered at Sundance.

Interestingly, Telluride regular and semi-poobah Ken Burns has "The Central Park Five" playing as a special screening.  Mr. Burns was in my neighborhood (like 10 miles down the road from my house) last weekend previewing "The Dust Bowl" for area survivors and others.  Wish I could have made it.  Had the invite and tickets...had a previous engagement.

More later...

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Cannes on the Cusp/Shiny New "Rust"/Enter

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The Cannes Film Fest announces its official lineup on Thursday and I have posted yet another couple of spec pieces here from folks who are supposed to be in the know.


Yahoo News:

Their lists look a lot like we've been seeing the last month or so.  As a matter of fact, you can look at Monday's post and still get  a good idea of what's likely to double at both Cannes and Telluride.


"Rust and Bone" from Jacques Audiard and featuring Oscar winner Marion Cottillard will likely be on the Cannes list Thursday and I also think it's likely for TFF #39.

We have the above poster for the film thanks to Rope of Silicon.  Also, if you haven't checked the trailer, ROS links that as well:


It's time.  The Telluride Film Festival has officially opened entries for film makers for TFF #39.  Info is here on the official TFF website:

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cannes in a Week/Rust & Bone Trailer

 A belated good morning!  Oklahoma State Speech Tournament got underway this it's been busy...


The official announcement from Cannes comes one week from today and the speculation is heating up about what could play in the south of France in May and consequently will also likely provide 6-10 titles for TFF #39.

Ioncinema has a post up this morning with 70 potential titles...
See that post here:

And again, a bunch of what I suspect are TFF possibles make their list including:

Beyond the Hills
Big House
On the Road
Rust and Bone
Something in the Air

I also have a "vibe" for Pablo Trapero's "White Elephant"  and Nick Cassavetes "Yellow".  Although the "yellow" vibe may simply be wishful thinking is it was partly shot in Oklahoma and I have a former student playing a cameo and that would be cool to see in Telluride in September.

Other Cannes possibles that are intriguing and that would make interesting Telluride choices, but are less likely to make the trip to the San Juans are Malick's "Funeral/Burial" and P.T. Anderson's "The Master".


I have thought for a good long time that Jacques Audiard's follow up to "A Prophet" has an excellent chance to duplicate that film's TFF appearance.  After looking at the trailer for "Rust and Bone" that was posted everywhere yesterday, I'm even more convinced that it"s a very good possibility.

Here's a description via The Playlist:

“Starring Marion Cotillard and "Bullhead" star Matthias Schoenaerts, the film, adapted from short stories by Canadian author Craig Davidson, follows the relationship between a homeless man (Schoenaerts) and a trainer of killer whales in a sea park (Cotillard) who loses her legs in a horrific accident.”

Additionally here are multiple links to posts that include the trailer:

The Playlist:

Thompson on Hiollywood:

Rope of Silicon:

Looks intriguing...

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Get Your Ticket/Cannes Poster/On the Road Pix/Best Actor

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Big week as I shepherd the Oklahoma State Speech Tournament from beginning to end...


The Telluride Film Festival edition #39 is open for business.  The announcement this week came that the box office is open for the 39th Telluride Film Festival.  Check it here:

If all goes well, I'll be back for my 7th go-round this year.


The 65th Cannes Film Fest has released the poster for its Director's Fortnight.  Here be it:

And the story:


 This week saw the release of a slew of stills from Walter Salles "On the Road".  It's got a high Cannes/Telluride profile.  Here's a couple of the pix via The Playlist:

The entire article is here:


Nobody disputes that Telluride has been a springboard to winning the Best Actor Oscar of late.  Ask Daniel Day Lewis, Forest Whitaker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Colin Firth and Jean Dujardin.  So when Rope of Silicon's Bred Brevet lists Best Actor candidates you have to think that those names could provide some clues about possible Telluride #39 films.  Take a look at the ROS post here:

Of particular note, in as far as TFF #39 might be concerned are: Bill Murray, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert Pattinson and Terrence Stamp.

That'll do for a Monday...later...

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cannes for Fools/Cannes for Real

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Quite a furor this last weekend as a purported list of Cannes #65 competition films leaked online.  It was disavowed and admitted to be a hoax but it did stir up a lot of interest for a few hours.

Here's the link to the "leaked" but illegitimate list:

The Playlist had this post debunking the hoax:

And here's the link to the Yahoo News story that, among others, cleared up the prank...


Meanwhile, speculation about what films WILL play at Cannes continues as we are just two weeks away from their announcement.  And, of course, Telluride fan's should be interested in that list because of the significant cross pollination that occurs between the two festivals.

Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood had a post up this week with assurances that "On the Road" and "Rust and Bone" will play.  That post is here:

And an interesting focus in a post from Ioncinema about three Israeli pictures thay could make the Cannes lineup.  Interesting because, as the author, Eithan Weitz, points out, Israel has had a pretty good track record of late with film at Cannes.  he mentions "The Band's Visit", "Waltz with Bashir" and "Footnote" all of which made noise at Cannes and then reappeared 3 1/2 months later in Telluride.  So you have to think that one of the three films he discusses has a decent shot at making the dual programs.

His post is here:

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Cannes/More Master News/Road Posters/Cosmo News/New TWC Acquisition

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Cannes announces its lineup in 16 days.  The Vancouver Sun has a post with continued speculation about what may play:

The TFF #39 possibles on The Sun's list: "Cosmopolis", "On the Road", "Amour", "Rust and Bone", "Something in the Air" and "Beyond the Hills".

In its disclaimer section (i.e. the films they don't think will play Cannes) they include John Hillcoat's "Lawless" (formerly "The Wettest County") and "The Master"  which leads to...


As you know, I am unabashedly breathless in anticipation for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" (or whatever it will be called...probably "The Master").  This past weekend saw the release of more information about the people involved in its making and speculation about its status. 

P.T. Anderson fan site Cigarettes and Red Vines had two interesting posts to those ends this week.  The first having to do with the fleshing out of cast and crew:

And then their own spec piece about where and when Harvey Weinstein will roll the film out including a pretty dismal assessment of its chances of playing in Telluride:

I tend to agree that the odds are not in favor of us seeing this in September in The Palm...but I think I am a little more optimistic than these peeps.  Seriously, if I was betting real  money...The New York Film Festival as its opener or closer would be where I put my dough.


Character posters continue to spring forth for Walter Salles "On the Road" which will, if it's a Cannes selection (and that seems likely) and is well received there is almost a lock for my first "Ten Bets for Telluride" list later this spring.

I have included the link to The Playlist post for the Adams, Moss, Braga posters here:


David Cronenberg's new film continues to be frequently mentioned as a Cannes probable and so I continue to include it in my speculation for TFF #39. 

This week, a teaser trailer and international poster for the film emerged.  I have included links to posts about that from The Playlist here:

and also from Awards Daily here:

I have to tell looks intriguing...

And finally...


As if The Weinstein Company didn't already have enough possible pokers to stick into the fire of fall festival/awards season ( "The Master", "Lawless" "Song for Marion", "Killing Them Softly" (formerly "Cogan's Trade"), "The Silver Linings Playbook" and "Django Unchained") comes news that TWC has acquired another nostalgic French period piece (sound familiar?).

"Populaires" is in Harvey's hands...what will he do with all of these?

"Populaires" stories are linked here from Thompson on Hollywood:

and from The Playlist:

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